Saturday, April 18, 2009

::The Tenant::

Ok I am usually one who is not easily esp. not in the area of movies and music. This movie Written and Produced by Jude Idada and Directed by Lucky Ejim means alot to me as it tells the story of the average Nigerian in the diaspora looking to make sense of life.

The Tenant tells the story of Obinna, an African refugee in Canada, who has thirty days to leave the country or face deportation. Timothy his terminally ill white landlord makes him a proposition; if Obinna can get his estranged daughter to make peace with him before he dies, then he will by virtue of his being a former immigration officer, intervene in his deportation. As the clock ticks on, Obinna has to do the impossible to find Timothy’s daughter and convince her to return home. In less than 30 days, he has to turn the wheels of hate to one of love.

This movie definately carries the 'G' stamp. Please find below the trailer for 'The Tenant'.

Friday, April 17, 2009

::go down there:: premiere!

sup pips! I just could'nt resist joining in on the premiere frenzy for 2baba. It seems to be the video era for Tuface as his brand new video for 'go down there' featuring the Ghanian born British rapper sway, premiered online today the 17th of April, 2009 online. Forgive me but it seems like the Video God has been unleashed in tubaba's life his second solid video offering just a few months after 'enter the place'. what else can i say but: 'WATCH'... Hypertek in the building.
*He has definately recreated himself*

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

::Nigerians in Hollywood, season II:: Dapo Torimiro

If you were once a fan of the then famous gospel group KUSH, then our subject today should in no way be a stranger to y'all.
In my post yesterday i did say there will be less gloom & I meant it.
After some psychological debate i finally decided to upload my piece on a certain green mae$tro.

If you have been a follower of my blog reading my rubbish you would have noticed that most of my posts tilt towards Nigeria and the African continent. But like the name of this blog, the endless possibilities of the Green minds (Nigerians) all over the world is what we celebrate.
I started a series called: 'Nigerians in Hollywood' and this piece ushers in season II of the same series.
OK ! heads up pips, It all started in gidi for our subject, who was then a KUSH groupie, the only male amongst three gorgeious women and then they dropped 'the experience' an all time classic which blew up real good. Suddenly the rumors started, they had broken up as a group...

For some time i personally had wondered what ever became of this perfectionist of an artist, producer, instrumentalist... until recently i found him again. The power of the Internet.

From producing world class soundtracks for Hollywood movies & TV series to producing and writing songs for A class US artists like John Legend (Quickly- [Evolver2008]) and Brandy ('torn down'[HUMANDec.2008]) and lots of other US artists which include Joss Stone, to touring with Lauryn Hill and performing with Stevie Wonder live....
in his own words: "its great to move from being a fan to a collaborator" with artists he once admired from a distance. He also worked with Jeffrey Webber on the track Change which was done for Obama's campaign.

One could say Dapo Torimiro has got it going good for him. How often by the way do we see Nigerians leave home barely 10 yrs and make so much impact on a global scale?
though Dapo may not have any grammies yet to his name or bling plaques, get set for him as he is sure to burn his own spot on your mind soon enough. From what i hear his album is in the worx and would drop soon. Dapo is currently based in Los Angeles.

If you are in doubt bout his mastro ability, listen to the track Quickly (John legend ft. Brandy) on this post.

Quickly (snip) - John Legend & Brandy

your comments would be appreciated.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

less gloom!

dont know if its a writers block or the fact that i have been too engaged in brand building, whichever it is it sure has kept me from y'all.
I do hope you had a splendid easter, my hustle cut my holiday short, but am still grateful all the same. alot has definately happened since my last post, as i settle in to take them all in im currently @ a point of indecision as to what to post next. There is so much gloom but i don't sell gloom to my audience and so...

keep ur fingers crossed for less gloom and a more interesting story plus have an xplosive week(+ve).

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