Tuesday, May 19, 2015

#doiT: bE tHe aRchitEct oF yOur oWn OppORtuNitieS.

A few days ago I read a piece on Anderson Cooper's rise to fame, and I found the revelations in there particularly inspiring. In it he talked about how not having a 'Plan B' was his secret to media success. When nobody would give him a chance at being a correspondent, he borrowed a home camcorder from a friend and with the little he had he embarked on trips to cover troubled developing countries like Somalia only to sell his stories to media outfits in the U.S. He would later get hired as an Intl. correspondent by 'Channel One' as a result of his efforts (Lesson: Sometimes getting people to trust you requires you changing their perception of you. Doing that requires drastic efforts on your part). This all or nothing approach to life especially when caught between a rock and hard place may be counter intuitive for some but in my opinion the most ingenious and creative solutions to challenges have been produced by men who have been backed into a corner without a backup plan.

The world is saturated with people who often let their degrees, environment or circumstances dictate who they become. In an increasingly difficult world where even having a PHD doesn't guarantee a job, only a few wake up to the realization that you are a sum of the choices you make and that we as individuals have to create our own opportunities in life. There will always be more than one way into a market. 
what is it you want so bad that the so called professionals of your industry won't let you in on? or what is that thing you dream about so much that the nay sayers have given you absolutely no chance of attaining? I say we (Yeah I said we, 'cos just like you I'm trying to get up that ladder)use their pessimism as fuel to attain the unattainable. People can only make you feel bad about yourself, your ideas or convictions if you let them. 

So share less with perssimists and be the architect of your opportunities. Because humans are mostly perception driven most will only believe when you have attained that goal/dream.


Monday, May 18, 2015

#PODCAST: MaiRo oN hOLyHoLLa - 17th May, 2015

This week, we interviewed singer and Nigerian Soup connoisseur 'Mairo' on Holyholla. He had quite an interesting take on gospel music, his Pot-a-soup online soup business and more. I hope you enjoy this interview. Please leave your comments in the box below.

- @gozzim

Sunday, May 10, 2015

#Podcast - Episode #83 with REDD

Earlier on Holyholla (Rhythm93.7fm), Arthur and I interviewed Stephanie 'REDD' Kadiri, a talented vocalist, wife and mother in celebration of #MothersDay. She had a lot to say about parenting skills especially in this age of the political correctness of taboos; her music and what the future holds for her. I recommend this interesting interview and I hope you download and listen below. 

Please leave your thoughts in the comments box below.

- @gozzim

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