Friday, February 15, 2013

...tHe 'bLadErunneR' & thE buLLEt iN thE cHamBRe

The sad part about living your life in the limelight is that: the general perception of guilt, before an actual conviction is the norm. The media ever so hungry for the viewers attention would stop at absolutely nothing to be first on the scene, first to report, all in a bid to keep us from using the channel dial on our TV Remotes.

Early today the record setting double amputee Oscar Pistorius was charged with the Murder of his super model girlfriend whom he allegedly shot four times through a bathroom door, but of course this is no longer news. what may be news however is that in the short period prior to the London Olympics and now, Oscar, asides from setting a record as the first double amputee to run at the olympic and paralympics  has amassed for himself a great deal of fortune by way of corporate endorsement deals. With Endorsements from Nike, British Telecomms, Oakley Sunglasses, Thiery Mugler Fragrances, etc. The blade runner without a doubt has done quite well for him self. A while back Nike began running ads with the catch phrase: ' I am the bullet in the Chamber' which serendipitously bears a striking ressemblance to his current predicament considering he shot his girlfriend with a pistol. What really happened however in that house, time will tell. #SAD

As we have come to understand, most Brands do not possess the kind of agility some 'people brands' like Chris Brown may possess to bounce back strong after getting rocked by scandal, so you can understand why corporate brands get jittery  when scandals surround their endorsement deals. As of today Nike pulled the ads and other brands are lining up and stay alert to protect their brands via dissociation from the blade runner. In all if Oscar Pistorius is indeed convicted, he stands a chance of not only loosing tens of millions in dollar earnings but possibly his freedom for life.

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