Wednesday, March 25, 2009

::Russian Racist Bastards( Nigerians were targeted)::

"what has Africa given the civilised world? I mean apart from Aids? They were wild monkeys once and they are still wild monkeys now"
these were the words of a 'full blooded' Russian Neo Nazi racist. As i watched Aljazeera's People & Power programme. Isn't it rather amazing that Nigerians despite all the racist violence they experience would not come back home. Maybe its my ego,...maybe its cos i stay in gidi in a place where its apparent that shit is rosy for lots of pips...

when I started this blog bout a year ago I did a piece on xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in South Africa. This time around its happening in 'modarasshia'.

these videos can better explain what i mean. Its a huge shame and i am deeply apalled that we as Africans keep migrating only to experience such inhumanity. i'll let you judge for yourself after you see the videos.

Part 1

Part 2

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

::The Ponzi Cocept::

$65 billion, too many celebrities and regular pips: victims, one former chairman of Nasdaq and the ultimate world class 'ponzi' scheme. if any of these doesnt already sound familiar, then u have wither been in a coma or u have been marooned on an island.

Enter Bernard Lawrence "Bernie" Madoff the darkest mind in the world of FRAUD! Initially i wondered why for so long he was able to carry on his ponzi scheme undetected, then it hit me: former NASDAQ chairman. What other credibility could dwarf that of the man who chaired the greatest catalyst of world economy(NASDAQ).

Not all things that are hyped have credibility, by using his reputation as former... and an elitist clique coupled with the phony classification of the scheme (fueled by the rejection of investment money from people) bernie has redefined the term 'possible'.

I am not about to tell you bout what and how he went about defrauding pips and banks from all over the world. but i only have one question:

why are people not interested in where the money is right now?

my guess is the 5th generation of  the Madoff family would have stuff to spend if @ this time they still cant find the money madoff probably has it all worked out and hidden. If he was smart enough to get it he will mosdef hide it well if not for himself but for the unborn Madoffs'.

in hi own words: ' i knew this day would come, I had expected it since the late 90's' that statement alone tell me that he has a script palying out in his head.

If you are Nigerian and you lost money in the wealthsolution schemes, and others that is nothing compared to what the Madoff victims have lost.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


May I have your Attention!!
will the real people please read this stuff...

Imagine you are forced to make a choice between starving to death & eating the corpse of your best friend.

its saturday morning and i'm flippin through channels to see whats new before i head off to work my dial stops @ Aljazeera and right there i have on my screen a black young man on the 'frost over the world show' for some reason my mind tells me he could be a nigerian and i listen on. As it turns out the dude: Emmanuel Jal is not a Nigerian, but a sudanese by birth and an ex child soldier who was rescued by a british aid worker and smuggled out of sudan.
He was recruited @ age 7 he was a “child warrior,” put into battle carrying an AK-47 that was taller than he was...for some reason @ that point haven witnessed so much opression, rape, and brutality by government forces it wasnt hard to convince emmanuel Jal and others like him to join the rebel army.

Scared and exhausted from the killing, Emmanuel and some of the other children - the “lost boys,” as they came to be known - deserted the rebel lines.  On foot, they trekked across Sudan’s cracked, barren badlands, its crocodile-infested rivers and snake-laced mud patches to flee the war and be with their own tribe, the Nuer.  

Four hundred began the trek, feeding on vultures, corpses, and whatever they could find. In his own words: 

'at that point when we were starving we knew not to fall asleep cos if you did you would die in your sleep, I have even almost had to eat my friend when he was dying'. 
Only 16 survived to find relative safety in a refugee camp in Waat, Southern Sudan.

Fast forward to the present Emmanuel Jal has won worldwide acclaim for his unique style of hip hop with its message of peace and reconciliation born out of his experiences as a child soldier in Sudan. His music can be heard alongside Coldplay, Gorillaz, and Radiohead on the fundraising ‘Warchild - Help a Day in the Life’ album, as well as in three ER episodes, the National Geographic documentary God Grew Tired of Us, and more recently in the feature film Blood Diamond starring Leonardo DiCaprio. He also featured on John Lennons ‘Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur’ amongst the likes of U2, REM and Lenny Kravitz. Also add to that performances to honour Nelson mandela on his birthday.

Do i sound like a war correspondent already? there is nothing funny bout any of this stuf which brings me to my point of piecing this stuff  together. Can we all just get along in this country..pips have seen much worse than some of us wil ever see...

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