Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dreams can be a hard Nut to crack...

I must admit: making dreams come through is  hard.  Living in an enviroment like ours where there is too much for too many, but few people hoarding all that much resources it can also be very discouraging. so many young people try so hard to get into the labour market and then try so hard to get out of it once in.

The ancient mould of getting a degree or two and getting a good job... doesn't really cut it these days since almost everyone in the labour market has a degree, doesn't it make any sense for you to stand out in some way?

As much as it feels like things are not right or you do not have enough to make your dreams happen, there is only one important fuel required of you: PASSION. It is the fuel that keeps you going when that required capital ain't forth coming or when doors of potential are slammed in your face.

A word of advice to you no matter how bad things look, keep your dreams alive in your heart & mind cos it will always give you hope; secondly spend 40-70% of your time everyday thinking and doing at least a few things about that dream and watch the power of positive attraction help you make that dream a reality.

na my own be that.

The Social Network (The facebook movie)

Ok so this right here is some good ish. I have waiited so long for this movie to finally be at the cinemas...from the reviews this has got to be awesome. Rotten Tomatoes a premium movie review site has give this movie a %100 rating. Thats something that doesnt happen often on there. Not even avatar got a 100% rate on that site. Enjoy the trailer. The movie opens to the Gneral public on the 1st of october, 2010.

Blackberry Playbook

is this really the ipad killer?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Top 5 Record Labels in Nigeria.

12 years ago i was never a fan of the then mediocre Nigerian Music industry. Somewhere along the line their was a subtle revolution in the industry which saw us getting liberated from the NTA like mould which the industry was forced into over the years. Back in the days when we had the likes of SONY, and other international record companies things were fine especially for artist like Fela who its was said of that were it not for the life the legend led he would have been amongst the richest artist in the world as at the peak of his career.
Today the industry has grown in leaps and bounds, artists fall broadly into two key categories, the commecially conscious artistes and producers and the evergreen artists and producers (Asa, Cobhams). But like JayZ said the numbers don't lie. Not every one in our generation giveas a sh&t bout the quality of music they shake their rumps to. So the following list without out disrespect to the members and the independent artists should give you an insight into the major players in order of public appeal and number of past hit albums:

  1. Kennis Music (Remedies,2face, Edris Abdul Kereem, Kenny saint brown, Azadus...)
  2. Trybe Records (Eldee, da trybe, sasha, 2shotz, timi, blaise, freestyle, kaboom, dr sid etc.)
  3. Mohits Records (D'banj, Wande Coal, Dr. Sid)
  4. Storm Records (Dare (*then) Naeto C, Sasha)
  5. Chocolate City (M.I, Jesse Jagz, iceprince)
*Now pls don't misunderstand me, this is in terms of number of hit artistes they have released in the last 15 years.
Now what do you all think.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Eldee tours the UK sept 24th -Oct 8th

Big boy eLDee the don is set to tour the UK in the coming weeks. The tour basically is to promote the 'is it your money' mixtape. For details on venues and tour date see below:


Official Launch Party
291 Kirkdale road
September 24, 2010


Millenium Plaza
Wood street,
CF10 1NL
September 25, 2010


Bridge street,
Aberdeen AB11 6JL
September 30, 2010


103 Queens road, Cheetham hill
Off Cheetham road,
M8 8UT
October 1, 2010


Portland Building Ballroom,
University Park
October 2, 2010


Britannia pavillion,
Albert dock
L3 4AD
October 8, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sound City Music Video Awards (SMVA) 2010 Nominees List.

Hey! its that time of the year again. The Nominees list for the Soundcity Music Video Awards (SMVA) is out. This list obviously expresses the fact that once more soundcity has broadened its scope to include more of Africa. I bet in a few years The SMVAs would be global in the real sense. The awards is scheduled to hold on the 20th of November, 2010 at The Expo Hall, Eko Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Vote for your favorite artistes HERE

 Best Male Video

1. Lay Away - Sarkodie - Ghana
2. Implication - 2face Idibia - Nigeria
3. Continua Assim - Don Kikas - Angola
4. Strong Ting - Banky W - Nigeria
5. Zambesi - Tinashe - Zimbabwe
6. Pon Pon Pon - Dagrin - Nigeria

Best Female Video

1. Without You - Airis - Nigeria
2. Estilo Xakhale - Lizha James - Mozambique
3. Don’t Leave Me - Ibiyemi - Nigeria
4. You Know It - Goldie - Nigeria
5. Moza Girl - Dama Do Bling - Mozambique
6. Fire - Becca - Ghana

Best Choreography

1. Who Born The Maga - Wande Coal - Nigeria
2. Sexy Dance - Fally Ipupa - D.R.Congo
3. Strong Ting - Banky W - Nigeria
4. Moza Girl - Dama Do Bling - Mozambique
5. Ready To Go - Styl Plus - Nigeria
6. You Got Me Like - Curtiz - Namibia

Best Special Effects

1. Catch Fire - Zaaki Azzay - Nigeria
2. Party Time - Jozi - South Africa
3. Fairy Tale - Liquid Deep - South Africa
4. Overkilling Djinee Nigeria
5. Show Dem Jr South Africa
6. Ginger Your Swagger Kc Presh Nigeria

Best Editing

1. Owo Ati Swagger (Rmx) - Cartiar - Nigeria
2. Sexy Dance - Fally Ipupa - D.R.Congo
3. Danger - Psquare - Nigeria
4. Lagos Party - Banky W - Nigeria
5. Mhlobo Wami - Teargas - South Africa
6. Moza Girl - Dama Do Bling - Mozambique

Best Duo Or Group Video

1. Tell Me Nothing - Show Dem Camp - Nigeria
2. We Run The City - Deep Level - South Africa
3. Danger - Psquare - Nigeria
4. I Think I Like Am - V.I.P - Ghana
5. Mhlobo Wami - Teargas - South Africa
6. Ready To Go - Styl Plus - Nigeria

Best Cinematography

1. Fire Is Low - Freshlyground - South Africa
2. Favourite - Stella Mwangi - Kenya
3. Strong Ting - Banky W - Nigeria
4. E No Easy - Psquare - Nigeria
5. Mhlobo Wami - Teargas - South Africa
6. Zambesi Tinashe Zimbabwe

Best Hip Hop Video

1. Pon Pon Pon - Dagrin - Nigeria
2. Tell Me Nothing - Show Dem Camp - Nigeria
3. Lay Away- Sarkodie - Ghana
4. Put It Down - Sasha - Nigeria
5. Moto - Taygrin - Malawi
6. Wild Life - Jozi - South Africa

Best R & B Video

1. Let You Know - Darey Art Alade - Nigeria
2. Be Happy - Yvonne - Kenya
3. Strong Ting - Banky W – Nigeria
4. Don’t Leave Me - Ibiyemi - Nigeria
5. Addicted - Urban Reign - South Africa
6. Fine Fine Lady - Mike Anyasodo - Nigeria

Best Pop Video

1. Nzewuwo - Toniks - Uganda
2. Overkilling - Djinee - Nigeria
3. Love Zone - Jon Germain - Ghana
4. Implication - 2face Idibia - Nigeria
5. Sweet Mistake - Samini - Ghana
6. Today Na Today Omawumi Nigeria

Best Collaboration In A Music Video

1. We Are Africans (Africa Rmx) - Jjc Ft. Femi Kuti, Kel, Eldee, Ay.Com, Mo Money, Ragga Remi - Nigeria
2. Somebody- D’black Ft. Kwabena - Ghana
3. Sample (Rmx) - Terry Da Rapman Ft. Stereoman, Pherowshuz - Nigeria
4. Lay Away - Sarkodie Ft. Sway & Jayso - Ghana
5. Owo Ati Swagger- Cartiar Ft. Dagrin, Terry Tha Rapman - Nigeria
6. Wonberi - Knighthouse Ft. Sauce Kid - Nigeria

Discovery Of The Year

1. If You Want Me - Mo’ Cheddah - Nigeria
2. Fairy Tale - Liquid Deep - South Africa
3. Gbon Gbon Gbon - Jaywon - Nigeria
4. Fine Fine Lady - Mike Anyasodo - Nigeria
5. Show Dem - Jr - South Africa
6. Pump It Up - Jesse Jagz - Nigeria

Best Video (Voting)

1. Moza Girl - Dama Do Bling - Mozambique
2. Strong Ting - Banky W - Nigeria
3. Danger - Psquare - Nigeria
4. Fire Is Low - Freshlyground - South Africa
5. Overkilling - Djinee - Nigeria
6. Zambesi - Tinashe - Zimbabwe

Viewers Choice (Voting)

1. Pon Pon Pon - Dagrin - Nigeria
2. Lagos Party - Banky W - Nigeria
3. Party 101 - Tear Gas – South Africa
4. Safe - M.I - Nigeria
5. You Bad - Wande Coal - Nigeria
6. Ezandlha Phezulu - Buffalo Souljah - Zimbabwe

Hit Producer Of The Year (As Used In A Music Video)

1. Safe - M.I - Nigeria
2. Show Dem – Jr - South Africa
3. Implication - Jay Sleek / 2face Idibia - Nigeria
4. Pon Pon Pon - Sossick / Dagrin - Nigeria
5. Sexy Dance - Fally Ipupa - Dr Congo
6. Bumper 2 Bumper - Don Jazzy / Wande Coal - Nigeria

Best Western

1. Adiouza - Senegal
2. Psquare - Nigeria
3. Samini - Ghana
4. 2face Idibia - Nigeria
5. Emmerson - Sierra Leone
6. Wande Coal - Nigeria

Best Eastern

1. Wahu - Kenya
2. Wyre - Kenya
3. Amani - Kenya
4. Marlaw - Tanzania
5. Xod - Uganda
6. Nameless - Kenya

Best Southern

1. Pro - South Africa
2. Dj Cleo - South Africa
3. Black Coffee - South Africa
4. The Dogg - Namibia
5. Lizha James - Mozambique
6. Proverb - South Africa

Best Central

1. Fally Ipupa - Dr Congo
2. Ba’ponga - Gabon
3. Barbara Kanam - Dr Congo
4. Jumo Selesao - Dr Congo
5. Nadege Mbadou - Gabon
6. Awilo Longomba - Dr Congo

Soundcity Fresh Video

1. Mr. Endowed - D’banj - Nigeria
2. Believe - D-Black - Ghana
3. Critical - Ikechukwu - Nigeria
4. Nhi Ngugu Haladza - Tania Tome - Mozambique
5. Mali Debout - Mokobe - Mali
6. Beautiful Music - Rotimi - Nigeria

*list courtesy of & SMVA official website.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

M.I quits Music: PR stunt or True Story

I have struggled for almost a week with stories of M.I leaving music for acting. As much as i believe in the full exploitation of artistic brands, it bothers me: one because i have been a fan from the very beginning, two because i had the rare privilege to work as part of his PR team back in the days. The following statement has further escalated the rumors:

“I think its time for me to try something new, I’ve loved music all my life but its time to try something new. Acting is something I’ve always had a passion for and I think its time for me to tap into that area…”
Haven given the whole idea some thought, (though it may be a fact that he was in a movie) i couldn't help but think of artistes like kanye west and 5ocents who have been known to stretch creative limits to stand out. My honest opinion is this: " as much as i would like to believe the stories, i still think a greater part of  rumors is a publicity stunt for the upcoming album"

Saturday, September 11, 2010

whipping willow's hair...

apparently genes carry a lot more than physical human attributes. A few months ago we celebrated the debut of Will Smith's son Jaden Smith on the entertainment in the movie Karate Kid. We ain't even over the movie yet and we have WILLOW SMITH a 9year old daughter to the Power couple (Will & Jada) being signed to JayZ's ROC NATION record label. Willow's first single 'whip my hair' is pwetty hot right now.

She was interview by Ryan Seacrest recently:

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beyonce's Birthday Island

Apparently the best birthday gift to give your woman now is no longer diamonds but wait for it: an ISLAND. Well as beyonce turned 29 a few days ago and the gifts came pouring in, we heard of Lady Gaga's interesting  gift to Beyonce which was a diamond whip and then people were like: O yeah? Gaga just outdid Jay. But in his Royal Flyness after like he put it in his own words in Hot Toddy: "Upgrading to King Louis the Thirteenth" by having Queen B in his Life, Jay-z bought his Queen an ISLAND for her birthday.

As much as i love Jayz ...i have to say he has just made things pretty difficult for young dudes like me self by raising the bar on best birthday gifts.
Check out the Island:

Friday, September 3, 2010

FRESH VIDEO: I am William

Fresh video from 2shotz for the 'I am william' single off his forth coming album. ENJOY! By the way this video brings out M.I's production prowess.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

::KoKo Mobile::

As far as brand marketing is concerned in Nigeria, no single celebrity has been able to fully maximize their brand like Mr. Endowed.

After a series of TV commercials he came out with the koko water idea, then with his collaboration came koko mansion. Well at this point the rumors which started some time ago and made real by his Music videos is about to become a reality. Word on the wire is that D'banj will launch KOKO MOBILE in collaboration with Globacom Nigeria Ltd.

I guess we have to keep our fingers crossed.

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