Thursday, September 11, 2014

iNsiDe aPPLe's rEceNt 'aPPLE wAtcH' LauNch [viDeo]

i can never pass up on an opportunity to share behind the scenes footage of great and global disruptive events. if you have been following my blogs for some time you would understand my affinity for appreciating the amount of work that goes into great events. A few days ago Apple launced its new products: Iphone6, iphone6 plus, and the apple watch. ABC was the only media outfit given backstage access to shoot BHS footage. Here is a 7min video of how things work behind Apple events.


Monday, September 8, 2014

iD CaBaSa oN hoLyHoLLa

Yesterday on our sunday morning show @holyholla we had the pleasure of hosting super producer, father, husband and Pastor, Olumide Ogunade popularly known as ID CABASA. In our interview he talks about working with 9ice, Olamide, BankyW. among others. More importantly he talked about being a minister in the market place and living a life of impact amidst all the secularity in the world and his relationship with Pastor Yemi Davies. I found the interview quite inspiring especially since it was a little awkward to picture him in that light. I hope you enjoy our podcast.

- @gozzim

aSa- dEaD aGain [viDeo]

i am in absolute awe! this has to be one of the simplest and most creative videos i have seen all year. I have been a fan of Asa for a long time but this video lends credence to my believe that less will always be more. i hope you enjoy it too like i did.


Friday, September 5, 2014

bEYoNCE #VMA bEHinD tHe sCeNes

i get excited every chance i get to catch a glimpse into what it takes to make entertainers look so good on stage. The MTV #VMAs 2014 has been relegated to the history pages but some experiences will never be forgotten. Stumbled on the video of Beyonce's behind the scenes before and after her 15minute VMA performance. I hope you enjoy it and even more appreciate the amount of work that goes into her craft. Yeah and she prayed to God not the Free Masons with her crew before the performance. They don't forget so easily where they came from.

- @gozzim

Thursday, September 4, 2014

'tHe Way YoU maKe ME fEEL! (MJ CoVeR by KaWeHi)

The weekend is almost here, but you still gotta live through 2 more days of work. So i thought this very interesting video of Kawehi's cover of Michael jackson's - 'The way you make me feel' might get you in the mood for some work. She baetboxes and records the soundtrack all on her bed then sings. Amazing! Enjoy it.

- @gozzim

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

BiG bRotHER hOusE bURns... ShOw pOstPoned

Some hearts are broken as I write this. Why? The most addictive reality show on the continent: BigBrother Africa has been postponed because as things stand, there is no house. Word on the wire is Sesani studios in which the BBA house was built got burnt this evening. The picture below shows firefighters putting out the fire at the studio.

- @gozzim

Monday, September 1, 2014

fREE #PoDcaSts foR you.

in the last 3 weeks i had the privilege of hosting two beautiful women, J'odie & Glowreeyah Braimah, both fantastic vocalist and women after God's heart. i posted the audio podcast of both interviews below for your download and listening pleasure. Enjoy it!
You can also follow my show on twitter @holyholla

- @gozzim

J'odie Interview

Glowreeyah Braimah Interview

jCoLe LiVE @ MiAFest [FULL SET]

Hope y'all had a fab weekend. Welcome to the new month of September. So i saw this video of JCOLE performing at the Made in America Festival, and the live concert promoter in me couldn't resist posting i hope you enjoy watching it like i did.
- @gozzim

J Cole MIA by YardieGoals

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