Thursday, April 28, 2011

FELA! my experience from behind the scenes I

The last few weeks have been pretty amazing for me. as a PR consultant i have worked on various accounts but none has been as exciting as working behind the scenes of FELA! This is obviously my first post in the last couple of months and its all cause i had to immerse my self in the spirit of the multi awarding winning broadway musical FELA!.

Bringing a broadway musical to Lagos especially when the theatre culture in Lagos is for shit seemed counter intuitive at the time. But what we had going for us was the identity of the Legend Fela anikulapo kuti on whom the broadway musical was based. So after all the pr/media campaign the stage, sound, lighting and projection equipment started to arrive from New York and south africa. The entire cast and crew from the Broadway show numbering over 72 people also arrived. Over my next posts i will upload pictures from behind the scenes. From this point i will let my pictures do the talking:

In my next post i will bring you back stage access. It gets better just before we concluded FELA! i got wind of the fact that i might work on another exciting project. The magnitude of this will blow your mind.

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