Thursday, December 25, 2014

#diARyofaGoOgleDad- #3 (The Learners!)

So this Christmas day, the Emperor of the Daniels' dynasty turns 6months, so i will dedicate this installment of the series to Nigel the one on whom this entire series is based and the many readers who keep gingering me for
So in my last piece of the #diARyofaGoOgleDad #2 of a google dad i said i was going to share the story of how God saved my family from the Negligence of some medical practitioners. 

The thing is, some of these people are negligent not because they haven't been properly trained but because they tend to be over familiar with medical procedures that they trivialize things, they are over worked or they generally lack motivation. After my wife was wheeled into the O.R for the Caesarian i said i found a way to keep an eye on them despite my being locked out. while she was laid on the table i noticed all the activity and stylish delay all cos the Epidural had to be administered. Enter the maniacal and negligent midwife/ nurse who i had earlier picked a fight with for some comment and behaviour she displayed while my wife was in labour first i need to mention that the hospital in question is a very very good hospital in Ikoyi, and that this same hospital offers services as afar as Helivacs/Air Lifts of critical cases to other countries. So the question of why we didn't go abroad shouldn't matter at this point cos without Health insurance abroad there was no way i could afford all that at that point in any country. 
So back to the midwife- after uttering a few words in pidgin- 'abeg no shake o!' she stabs my wife in the spine with the Epidural injection, fortunately for her i didn't see that 'cos she was behind the gurney with my wife on it which was by now standing at steep angle. But i heard my wife scream 'take it easy madam'. at this point i must have been boiling small small. But so as not to distract them i managed to keep my cool and then the Doctors started after a few minutes they discovered after cutting through that the chord had wrapped round my son's neck which we didn't know. if only we had insisted on a 3D scan during labour we would have found out. and of course our genius Drs. (4 of them by the way) didn't think to suggest or check. Thank God she wasn't forced to keep pushing as  it would have been a different story.

Dear Husbands/Men if you have the stomach for it,- NEVER EVER! leave your wife alone in the hands of any Dr. whether Nigerian or Foreign. Keep an eye on them however you can. I said this before and i would say it again: These doctors will cover for each other to protect the Hospital from law suits as evidenced by one of our doctors. Their business means a lot more to them than the lives they are trained to preserve.
So after about 17mins in the O.R i heard a light cry of my son at that point i was scared and didn't know how to process the feeling. I was also deeply worried about my wife too. Nigel was brought out by the Pediatrician and taken to the resuscitation room at that point i went after her to observe her pump out the fluids from his system and clean him up. 

Just a few months before that day my wife shared a story of a close friend of hers who lost her baby because the pediatrician wasn't on ground to resuscitate and suck out the fluids. Think of how painful that is- for a woman to carry a baby for 9months/ or even less and then lose it to senseless unprofessionalism. so this story was on my mind when i stuck with the Pediatrician as she did her thing, after two tries she handed over to a very nice young nurse who by now i had developed a rapport with. I begged her to do the suction thing one more time to be double sure there were no fluids left and she did, cleaned him up and dressed him. I finally got my chance to hold my son.  That was Heaven! if there was ever a point where i was at my weakest and 'humblestest' lol it was that moment. At that moment i had a new level of appreciation for how awesome God is. That he sees us through such a fragile state to adulthood with or without support is simply amazing. So i held my son for the first time even before his mom got a chance to, which wasn't fair anyways but hey what about Grace is and then the google parenthood began. About 15minutes later my wife was also wheeled out of the O.P shivering heavily which had me concerned, i would later find out from her and HealthTap that the Epidural does that to the body.

For two straight days my son and wife didn't Eat after birth partly cos my wife was really wiped out by the procedure and all the meds. The guys at google HQ would testify that that in the 3 hours after my son was born somebody with a certain IP made extreme use of their servers. Cos after all i had seen i could no longer just take anything the doctors said without verifying from Google and Healthtap.

What lessons can you learn all this today?
1. Certification doesn't always guarantee Professionalism. Stay on your minders.
2. Never allow frustrated or tired looking Doctors/Nurses/Midwives near you or your family members, thats how many people have died at hospitals
3. Again double check everything you are told. Get a second opinion.
4. get some medical apps on your phones like 'HealthTap' it might come in handy.

Next time i will share the 6month journey from leaving the hospital, the sleepless nights, my sons appetite and more. Thank you for reading along.

- @gozzim

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Janette-ikz & EzeKiEL- SpOkeN wORd aRtistes frOM the U.S on HoLyHolla

I haven't been opportune to post anything in a while. Things have been moving really fast especially as the year comes to an end. Over the weekend, on our Sunday morning radio show-HOLYHOLLA we had some international spoken word artistes in the studio and our home based Elder- SoklevaHuges of the RooftopMCs, Protek and Ambassage. here are pictures from their visit and an audio Podcast of the show this week. I have also made it available as a free download, i hope you enjoy it like we did while taping it.

- @gozzim


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