Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the reactive mafia called the Presidency

This has to be my first critical post directed at the GEJ administration. I realize that blogging about my thoughts would make very little or no difference to the status quo.

In my opinion foresight or vision is one of the major requirements of leadership, its no longer news that majority of Nigerians voted for the current administration 'cos they wanted a departure from the recycling of the political mafia that existed, and at that point GEJ seemed to be a safe alternative.

"But you see the problem with forcing a person into power especially when it is apparent that the individual is not ready equates to walking on a broken ankle before it is fully healed".

The government of President Goodluck Jonathan has been a largely reactive one. The caliber of advisers he has also chosen to surround himself with makes me ashamed of being literate. Well as the saying goes any organization is a reflection of its leader, more often than not quality leadership has very little to do with the quality of education a leader has, its either you've got it or you aint got it. Almost every major issue since the re-election of the present administration has been reacted to from the terrorism, to gay rights, to the rape toll free helplines, to fuel subsidy removal, the economy, it is quite apparent that POLITICS is a major priority above every thing else.

These people in my opinion all have too much power, time and money on their hands that pressing social issues have never been a priority. Having foresight has alot to do with seeing potential challenges and having a backup plan to fix them.
But then again what do i know, all we ever do in this country is talk, talk and talk. from the government officials and their elaborate but empty speeches, to the youths and their blackberries, to the very loud but weak youth advocacy groups to the noisy bloggers online, all we do is talk.
For as long as everybody's business remains nobody's business, my patriotism will keep hanging by a thread.


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