Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Apparently this sight is not new to me, I once personally witnessed gov. Fashola stick it to an elderly airforce officer who was driving against traffic just before the ikate round about in lekki. I see the gov. Around traffic alot I like the fact that he never uses sirens and that he deals with indiscipline himself.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

tUFaCE sPeaks oN nDani-

Beat FM OAP toolz interviews Tuface about his personal life, career and his relationship with his fans. Enjoy- courtesy Ndani.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

aLL hAiL jAcoB tHE jEweLeR

The name 'Jacob Arabo' ring any bells? I guess not! but if  i used the phrase 'Jacob the Jeweler' you might have heard of him yeah he's that guy that most of the A-List hollywood celebrities go to for all the bling you see in music videos.... I think he's a fantastic jewelry designer. Watch him talk about his passion for bling and what inspires him.

uNwRappiNg tHe gAy packaGe...

Anderson Cooper
First Anderson Cooper ( CNN TV Personality, Author, and host of AC360), now Frank Ocean, i must say that the last one week has been alot to take in. It is no longer news that the 2 individuals mentioned above recently 'came outta the closet about their sexual orientation' I have to admit people around me would tell you to a good extent i am quite homophobic, but the last 6months has if not anything taught  to be more tolerant and refrain from judging people. 

As much as i choose to stay true to my faith (CHRISTIANITY), and ideally shouldn't have a part whatsoever in condoning such sexual ideologies as spoken against in  Lev 20:13. We are indeed in the dispensation of Grace so i cannot sanction the latter part of that scripture and at the end of the day the eternal race is an individual one. As of now as i stay true to my faith i also remember that the gay community comprises of humans first before anything. They deserve no less than the love every human deserves. 
while the rumor mills say Anderson though gay, chose this period to come out to boost ratings of his TV show, and Frank Ocean came out to generate a buzz for his 'Channel Orange' album dropping soon whatever the reasons it doesnt change the facts about their choices. I realise this ideology has become less foreign even in our nation with politicians, celebrities, fashionistas, and average citizens of all shapes and sizes in our country openly gay. In concluding my only prayer is God will give us the grace of tolerance, and unconditional love towards people generally.


Monday, July 2, 2012

pOwER fAcAdEs!

Being quite familiar with Public Relations antics i totally see what this picture is about. The Prez heads on to DICON in Kaduna to commission a locally built armored personnel vehicle. Notice the Prez in full military combat uniform---yeah he is the Grand Commander of the Federal Republic, but then again who are we kidding??

scREw yOuR aNcHoRs!

you ever get in those awkward positions where people try to make you feel bad 'cos finally you got your shit together and moved on positively with your life? Maybe you finally found God and your old friends you used to drink and smoke pot with get on your case 'cos you were once birds of a feather; or you get a fantastic job opportunity and then your psycho girl friend/Boy Friend does all she/He can to discourage you cos the job requires you to leave town?

Truth is the whole concept of progress in life entails overcoming some form of hindrance (inertia, friction) I understand that sometimes the history we share with people make it really hard to move on from them. One simple and very obvious fact at the end of  the day is this: 'no one ever achieved any worth while feat by being toooooo considerate to everyone around them well at least not to themselves.' If you were too careful about hurting your fingers how would you become a good farmer. The best feats are attained through some level of compromise to self.

So in conclusion i will say this: some people are anchors and you have to learn to cut them off when you have to. Screw Your Anchors!

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