Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lessons from my Russian Billionaire Friend - I

Last night i met a Russian billionaire, and don't even ask me apparently after spending about 25mins with him i also became a billionaire.- don't believe me? then read on.. As i have learned true wealth is measured in time and not in currency as riches. that said when you picture the so called 'billionaires' in our beautiful country and take to heart that earlier definition we then come to the conclusion that there is a huge scarcity of wealthy men within our shores.

'In reality the amount of time a man can can consistently maintain his current standard of living if he stops earning, is a clear indication of how wealthy he is. The term wealth is therefore relative.'

According to my Russian billionaire friend, "being wealthy is indeed a state of the mind, it all starts in the mind. it is the very reason a wealthy man can afford to get into his Jaguar XJ or gulf stream jet in the morning without actual cash in his pocket, cause within him there is a subtle confidence that he can never get stranded. After taking years of calculated risks you soon get into the realization that the fastest way to make financial progress is to be untethered to material things. luxuries are mostly a means to an end, they provide comfort and were made for man's use and not the other way round."

these were words from my new friend shortly after we met, after he was introduced to me by a young Nigerian CEO, we kind of got into a discussion about Kasparov- on time world chess grand master, and then to Russian politics and finally I asked him why it is that Russia has too many young billionaires, this is what brought about the lesson i will be sharing in these series. For the next two days of his stay in Lagos, we had interactions that blew my mind. I will go into more details in my next post but be prepared to live dangerously.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I finally found a way around mobile blogging guess i stopped being a cave man. :-)
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