Thursday, April 30, 2015

wOLe ONi on HOLyHOLLa- 26th April, 2015

For the second time and following the release of his Single, we had the Nigerian maestro Wole Oni on our show HolyHolla on RhythmFM and he had a lot to say about his new single which has musical inputs from over 150 people. In this podcast he also discusses his appointment as a UN Peace Ambassador and Politics in Nigeria. Please leave your comments after listening to this podcast.


Saturday, April 11, 2015

kiLLiNG boKo HaRam (ViDeo pERspectiVe on tHe BH War)

- Video Report as reported by an Embedded Intl. Journalist

For quite some time, I have been a fan of the VICE NEWS style of reporting, this backpack journalism style of covering stories around the world is a breath of fresh air in a world dominated by Big media corporations with vested interests and Big Gov't talons in them.

I came across a 3-part series of videos from Vice News as reported by Kaj Larsen of Vice. 
Kaj embedded with troops who would later recapture certain Northern Nigerian towns earlier seized by Boko Haram. This video puts the Nigerian War on terror in real perspective.

Finally after watching all 3 parts certain statements stood out for me from Kajs' interviews with citizens and Military personnel and i have shared them in six quotes below:

  1. "If you are a Muslim you are a target, If you are Christian you are also a target" - (Soldier on what Boko Haram truly is).
  2. "Wherever there is a crowd thats their target"- (Father of a Northern Youth Killed in a Bomb blast by Boko Haram)
  3. "I slaughter Boko Haram with this knife,.. when  I get them I slaughter them" - Nigerian Soldier
  4. "Our job here is to kill Boko Haram, Kill Boko Haram thats the only thing i know"
  5. "I am feeling very f&*king alone in the lead Gunship"- Kaj Larsen while on an embed flight on a Boko Haram bombing raid with the Nigerian Airforce.
  6. "Despite the success of his soldiers, Nigerian President, Goodluck's luck ran out" - Kaj Larsen, while reviewing the success of the Military campaign against Boko Haram.
Please watch the videos below and say a prayer for our troops.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Are you feeling Patriotic already? Let me know your thoughts in the comment boxes below.

- @gozzim
Sources: ViceNews, Reuters

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