Tuesday, January 27, 2009

whats your brand definition?

what do these three logos have in common?

These three logos represent about the world's best 'people' brands: Barack Obama [44](US president), Tigerwood [30](world class golfer) & Lewis Hamilton[23] (formula1 champion) respectively. Ever wondered what they have so much in common apart from a mutual respect for each other, these men a re young, intelligent, focus driven, very optimistic goal getters and they are black.
You probably have it on your mind right now that well they had everything going for them as kids (the right enviroment, wealth blah blah), not true.
A wiseman once said that "we are a 'sum total 'of all the decisions we have made in life" I have never heard anything truer... This men indeed have become the brands they are , not by accident but as a result of a strong believe in themselves, discipline and often going against the tide (lewis: 1st black formula one champ last season, Barack: 1st black US president, tiger:golf number one ).
In an attempt to make sense of our lives, it is always the wise thing to understand & develop our strengths and play down our weaknesses. If i'm still not makin any sense then maybe you should explain how it is that a 30year old black golfer has his signature on a piece of plastic card or a shoe and in return gets paid over $100,000,000. Its called branding.

so what exactly do you love doing so much that you could do for free and later get paid millions for? I bet you alone can answer that, but the truth is world class people brands aint local, they are global in their thinking. so if its dancing, you can dance so well and get bookings internationally plus you also get paid for doing what you love.
so what's your brand definition?

::make good ideas happen::

a friend once told me that usually when God gives an idea as an answer to a challenge the ideas fall like rain, & @ that point about 9 other people around the world could get the same idea. It now boils down to how well and fast you make the idea real.

True as that may seem it is indeed possible to think yourself out of an idea, now are you one of those pips who keep refining your ideas on paper without actually making any physical moves, waiting for the perfect timing and condition to move...

I guess we all at some point have been like that, this single force called INERTIA is what has probably made the grave yard the wealthiest place on earth, too many potentials left on paper,in brains, on fancy writing pads etc. 'Thing is over the years I have learnt something: almost everybody is a good starter but there are indeed very few finishers. I have also been guilty of this in so many

So whats my remedy to this?
*have a great idea
*work out the whole process and resources required.
*shoot before you aim, that way you never get the chance to be too rational.
*never be scared pips my steal your idea, if you are really that good you could always get another one.
*How can your idea amount to anything if you dont take 'CALCULATED' risks.

Friday, January 16, 2009

::MI the efforless hit redefiner::

ok for some i reason i keep going on and on bout M.I. Please y'all have to indulge me, cos i can't help myself . I mean the guy is
For those who know me they'll attest to the fact that i'm addicted to the white stubs in my ears...

well i'm minding me business @ work when i get buzzed by a friend of mine who tells me Humility just jammed a track on radio by MI never heard: a freestyle on Dbanj's mogbona feli feli... and he's like the track is so wicked.

Ok 30mins later GT(ur the best) mails me the track and i'm like what da *&^^ just when we think: yeah he has finally dropped his Album he REDEFINES Dbanj's hit.

Funny thing is "MI makes rap seem so effortless", cos most of the tracks he cooks up are born out of 'playplay'

listen to the track here::

or DOWNLOAD(I took permission for this so its free) feel free.

Your comments would be appreciated.lets know what you think about the track.


Full lyrics are below:

intro: Yo big big shout out to don Jazzy, Dbanj
Yo this to me is the hottest beat i heard all last year

I had to smthing on this track men

lets go, Yo listen

don't know about you but am handsome

handsome and MI's is advancing
my maga didnt pay but am friends with Kelly Handsome
and he friends with Richard Branson

This is the anthem
turn more heads than a sand storm

pull up in a phantom
brighter than a lantern

the boy gat gifts like santa
he put out more hits than the whole of atlanta
and no i'm not a ganja planter,
but ma music get u high like a ladder
weave through the crowd like okada, their FATHER!
there's no one like M'Abaga, M' gat da swagger

Don't know about you, but i rhyme with las gidi on ma

and the city's on the grind
the kitty wanna wine,i'm like diddy when i shine
like Rasheedi, Yekini I'm supplyin

player haters wanna say that the boy dont spit
30,000 sold in thirty mininutes-shit!
Tjoe know this, if we dont flow make the people go aint

that about a bitch
Jtown lyricist deep rhyme flow-er
gals flock to him in twos he like noah
M' gettin higher while the rest sink lower

yes i got a gal, and NO u dont know her,
I know the next question is: the boy date Kel? Haaa!
well! she said i shouldn't tell
all u gat to know is kel said chill
these other rappers sold last year like celtel

my flow aint zain, getit i flow so sick
i think we gonna need a medic i'm a headache
you can call everybody tell 'em that he said it
your flow is BASIC and mine is ACIDIC

so yes i guess i'm hot like dbanj, like the mohits crew
me and Audu.
He doesnt speak much like Don jazzy too
but we the new generals and this is our crew.

yes sir, NOBLE is my dude people wanna hate
say we too 'F-in' rude
we truly unruly and we should get sued

but look at al the P accrued DUDE!
and we run things, things don't run we
No rappers rap crap
they should be named on the Mode Man of the year
best rap single
other rappers sound like a condom jingle
Yo British council ambassador,
you's a passenger
watch me pass this up

and is 1million flat what am askin sir,
you could turn on lights watch me basking sir

people said M-I name the best three,
i said lets see ME ME ME
no other dudes come close i'm homophobic

the (bone) so fried and my tongue do aerobics
actors wanna study my tactics, watch when i practice
but they cant crack this
my hide tough like a hippo's back is
and i ride rough like profolactics
and i'm hot your not BOLO!
you cant copy me I solo like ISOLO
I make green, u turn green

(well M' be nothing like the hawk seen)
soon others claim i'm the best on the scene
and i won't stop till i wear a *
and u already lost nobody can intervene
like amilli amilli amilli i make cream

im swe bar chillin
'F' what u feeling
i'm a rock stars on a light-BOB DID IT!
my old school raps would finish your latest
nobody wanna try MI like a test
don't F wif me cos there isn't safe sex
I'm the big picture one GIG J-PEGS
disk may vex
see even Jagz doesnt mess wif me,
and Jagz is the greatest, and your the greatest
gets no sex, no chics, no cheques

M' in a lex, M' on a bike, M' in a bus
and it really doesn't matter
cos they talk about us

I'm a superstar, you just stupid-er
I'm so in tune like a new guitar

see one more bar amo drop
and lets see if u fagged rappers can pick it up

ha.. am so hot, am so hot
i'm so hot, hot, hot,hot
and am out!

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