Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Osinachi: The Nigerian Born Production Genius (Joe, ciara, pitbull, wale prod. credits)

so last night while trying to fall asleep i decided to listen to the new Joe album 'The good, The Bad, and The Sexy'-great album by the way, and while i was at it i made a very interesting discovery..

Meet Osinachi Nwaneri, the Nigerian born super producer one of the many Nigerians in the diapora doing big things. With production credits for the likes of ciara,wale, joe, pitbull,pussycat dolls, Dawkins&Dawkins among others, this versatile production genius seems all in a class by himself.

Osinachi produced two tracks on the new Joe album ('Losing' & 'slow Kisses') and has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he is definately a force to reckon with. As further proof of his genius, he currently works with one of the world's best when it comes to music production: Darkchild. Word on the wire is Osinachi was signed back in the day within 24 hours after Rodney Jenkins CEO of Darkchild listened to his samples. So I realise technically being born in the US he may not count as one of ours as the industry bias goes but hey that Ibo name still screams Green white Green. 

cheers to green greatness!

~GD- @gozzim

Thursday, October 13, 2011

License to Rob

I haven't made a blog entry since my last meeting with the Russian Billionaire friend. Unfortunately i would have to narrate the concluding part of my previous post in the near future, this minute i am saddled with the burden of how impossible it seems to reduce the 'legal thieves' that pose a huge danger to us which is the Nigerian Police. Like they say Karma's a bitch, its such a hard thing to find successful policemen that have accomplished extraordinary feats in life. The billions of curses heaped on them collectively in their day to day robbery of helpless citizens is probably the cause. 

I don't believe in stereotyping, but i do make exceptions to this principle every once in a while for example, its no news that a majority of Nigerians are quite STUBBORN, and as a result its hard to fix certain things like corruption, and indiscipline. In my honest opinion the easiest language a majority of us understand  is FEAR. when all logical and intellectual options have been fully explored and we are still faced with the demoralizing sight of uniformed men killing, and oppressing the masses they are supposed to protect, it becomes wise to adopt a more viable solution which is fear.

I would never subscribe to violence or terrorism in any form or shape but what do you do when faced with the choice of killing or be killed? Fear and cowardice is an integral part of the Nigerian Police training if we use this it just might yield the much desired solution to this problem of legalized bribery and extortion.

If i were a 'lunatic' i would issue a public statement, with an ultimatum to the NP to desist from the indirect encouragement of corruption after which i would initiate a maiming/killing campaign of every police officer caught in the act. But I'm not..

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