Thursday, June 25, 2009

El mariachi of the THISDAY MEDIA empire

British model Naomi Campbell and Nigerian media mogul Nduka Obaignena attend a photocall for “This Day’s Africa Rising’ Music And Fashion Festival” at Royal Albert Hall in London on June 25, 2008.

Friday, June 12, 2009

::onestop talent brand management::

I could bet my 'bottom kobo' anytime that beckam was never half as good as JayJay Okocha...(i'm sure you will mosdef agree) then why is Beckam worth more than JayJay. or what is it exactly that makes the signature of a club swinging sports man (TIGER WOODS) worth over $250,000,000 on an AMEX card; or that makes a black rapper from the marcy's project the top earning hiphop head on earth?

Its called 'QUALITY BRAND MANAGEMENT' why is it so hard for eyes to be opened to the 'humongous' oppurtunities that exist for celebrity brands in Nigeria.

In the U.S as i know it, as an artist when your album goes platinum...your career is just gettin started.

my point exactly?
lots of opportunities exist in product endorsements, franchise development...squash the marketing mumbo jumbo... if you are an artist?, and you dream of your own footware line, fragrance line,
david & Victoria beckam fragrance
clothsline( already overated)...blah blah .. if it sells you when u sleep...who else would you talk to but SWAGCRAFT.

Truth is @ swagcraft we are not just interested in the sales we would most definately help you make, we believe that your overall success as an artist can be leveraged upon for the good of your fans generally and the enviroment.

Our strategy simple, 'ONE STOP'
if you are fresh or an old timer looking to live your dream
call us on: +234 [0] 706 2929 222
or email us:

so like we always say @ swagcraft: " if you fancy a david beckam, a Tiger woods or a JayZ, we could help you be the next YOU

guess thats why we are referred to as: the fame engine

SWAGCRAFT: people brand management | concept management | brand association

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Saturday, June 6, 2009


Well i guess the wait was worth every second. Finally the official safe video drops.
Ladies and gentlemen i present to you the gospel of SAFE by M.I according to Mex of pixel chaos.

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