Friday, June 22, 2012

$380,000 raised for bullied 68yr old

Meet Karen klien the 68yr old bus monitor in Greece, N.Y. I can understand that whenever the term bully is used it evokes images of a timid kid being pushed around by his/her peers, well not in this case.
The victim whose picture appears in this post was recorded being bullied by 4 seventh graders. The video which ended up on YouTube has already clocked over 2million views and has seen the boys receive numerous death threats. Concerned individuals who set out to raise $50,000 to send the woman on vacation as of yesterday had raised a whooping $380,000 for Karen. Who says disappointments can't be a blessing?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

rE-iNveNtiNg tHE gLAssEs...

Built from a single strand of stylish wire and curled multiple times, this hinge-less frames have to be the coolest i have seen yet. Designed by Ron Arad and totally adjustable the simplicity of this concept just blows my mind.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

microsoft's super sleek ipad killer

All hail the ipad killer! 
i may not consider meself  a bonafide member of the geek squad, heck im pretty sure they would even consider me an outcast despite my IT Background which i believe technically qualifies me to discuss gadgets like the microsoft surface tablet/pc/or whatever the MS surface eventually gets called. I appreciate the practically of this pretty gadget but i think its a really steep climb for Microsoft who over the last 2 decades have focused solely of software development. FOr some reason they have choosen to refine their business model and evolve to stay competitive with the likes of Apple.  for more info head on to the official site 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Adidas gets the boot for shackle design sneakers!

what do you get when you over simplify and leave you R&D department too much creative freedom?  a social scandal! something that started as a simple play design of sneakers for adidas has been met with so much criticism even earning a spot on CNN. Adidas came under intense fire for the shackle design on the new sneakers with comparisons even being made citing how offended the jews would be if a  swastika insignia was stamped on a brand of sneakers. Adidas has since apologised for this and from all iindication might not go commercial with the range.

Rossi's Luxury Motor Home

ok so i couldn't  resist the urge to post this for obvious reasons. i wonder if the name 'Valentino Rossi' rings any bell??? well doesn't matter, as it turns out the super biker owns this 2-bed motor home worth about 650,000 pounds yeah eaxctly what you just read, a luxury motor home that costs more than some service apartments in expensive cities complete with a mini scooter garage, several 46' flat screens and loads more, you gotta love what money can

duets: not just another...

so last night i finally settled to see 2 episodes of 'duets'. The over hyped music tv show from ABC networks starring John Legend, Robin Thicke, Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Nettles as Judges/contestants is a huge modification to the popular reality shows like idols, x-factor among others. 

At a time when TV is over saturated with reality tv this different format is quite breath taking. 8 amateurs singers handpicked (2 each) by each of the professional artistes mentioned earlier perform duets all through the competition. at the end of every performance, the 3 judges that didn't just perform score the amateurs on their branded duet ipads which are then collated digitally and the amateurs ranked on the leaderboard displayed on the large screens. 

The show which has experienced one of john legend's duet partner (johnny gray) drop out of the competition due to unforeseen circumstances as announced by the host Quddus (which as far as i'm concerned is under suspiciously scandalous circumstances) is totally mind blowing, from the quality of production to the seamless application of technology. The winner of this competition gets a multi million dollar recording contract with Hollywood records. This show is definately worth watching. The best part for me about the show is how 48hrs before a contestant could be idle, jobless, or on a different job and then 48hrs later on stage singing with their favorite artiste infront of the world. Totally Awesome!

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