Thursday, July 30, 2009

Julius Agwu's new video! ft. OJB

I just could'nt resist the urge to post this, not sure if this was Julius being his witty self, but i'm still laughing.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

rocawear popup with class...

Imagine you wake up one morning and you look out the window and all you see is this beautifully designed truck and also got to know that the best cloths label in the world was out your window selling directly to your neigbourhood from an exquisite pop up shop! ok snap out of it...this is real, rocawear trully rocks!!!

Enough is Enough...#LightUpNigeria

“And God said, 'Let there be light' and there was light, but the Electricity Board said He would have to wait until Thursday to be connected.” – Spike Milligan Lagos

– The first few words of every Nigerian child born and raised in Nigeria, undoubtedly includes these words, “Up NEPA!”, this cry is one synonymous to the restoration of electricity in Nigeria. With over 3 decades of irregular and fickle power supply, it has gradually become a norm; but on the 14th of July, 2009, on one of the popular social online networks, Twitter, what many will soon refer to as a revolution began.

As several people on Twitter shared their experiences and made comments about the situation of power supply in their homes and work places; it became evident that the „so-called‟ norm is in reality, a menace that affects our growth and productivity deeply as a country and as individuals. The discussion continued with more and more people venting, sharing their experiences and while making suggestions on how to remedy the scourge, LightUpNigeria was created.

LightUpNigeria is a movement which has arisen out of necessity in reaction to the current problem with power supply in Nigeria. The movement aims to highlight the problems caused by the lack of constant power supply in Nigeria and raise awareness of the situation globally. Through the awareness raised by this movement, it is highly anticipated that the current policy or policies governing the generation, distribution and transmission of power via the national grid service in Nigeria will be reviewed and reformed.
LightUpNigeria is not a political campaign or organization; everyone in Nigeria is affected by the lack of constant power supply so everyone in Nigeria is part of the movement. Living without constant power supply has become synonymous with being Nigerian.

Expatriates and repatriates alike often cite the power outages as one of their reasons for being reluctant to relocate to Nigeria. It has been proven that Nigeria looses out daily on new investment and business opportunities due to the inherent power issues. The manufacturing, telecommunications, public health, and media industries are but a few of the industries currently being crippled by the lack of power in Nigeria. LightUpNigeria is spreading a simple message „Enough is Enough’. LightUpNigeria wishes to use one universal voice to raise awareness globally through every and any platform available. The movement is demanding action from the Nigerian government and political office holders, both at the local, state and federal levels, to solve the power supply problem. LightUpNigeria requests that:

  • A clear target of a minimum of 300 Watts per Capita by 2015 be included in the power bill
  • A clear plan with timelines showing when each megawatt will be added to the grid be made available to every Nigerian
  • An act of power in both legislative houses be created which will make the power supply problem in Nigeria a national priority
  • The Nigerian government, both at the local, state and federal levels, adjusts budgets and spending to make supplying power to Nigerians a priority
  • Credible, recognized industry experts and proven managerial resources be appointed to the power sector to bolster the human capacity
  • The Nigerian government, both at the local, state and federal levels, to enhance the generation, transmission, distribution and storage of electrical power and its sources.
LightUpNigeria will work with likeminded groups and Nigerians to achieve the aforementioned goals; and will be open to discuss and execute suggestions and recommendations from everyone involved and interested in this one cause to LightUpNigeria.

LightUpNigeria is not a collection of energy experts. It is a united Nigeria asking for results in the power sector; hence it is focused on demanding results rather than discussing the merits of any solution. It is the general position of LightUpNigeria position that lighting up Nigeria is no brain surgery. Other African countries have successfully done this. It is not a technology problem or a "know how" problem. It is a problem of will and focus. Hence LightUpNigeria will not be telling the government "how" but is merely demanding that the government commit and dedicate resources to simply replicate here what has been achieved easily elsewhere.
The website,, will provide information on the movement and developments as they occur.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

::channel O music video awards nomination list::

The nomination list is finally out and you can vote for your favourite artistes @

A. Naeto C for Ki Ni Big Deal
B. Pro for Uthini Ngo Pro
C. Buffalo Souljah for Judgement
D. Hip Hop Panstula for Mpitse
E. Darey for Not The Girl
F. Xod for I Want You Back

A. Amani for Tonight
B. Lira for Wa Mpaleha
C. Lizha James for Estilo Xakhale
D. Nneka for Heartbeat
E. Thandiswa Mazwai for Ingoma
F. Sasha for Only One

A. The Dream for Plenty Plenty
B. Brian Temba for Dominoes
C. Nneka for Heartbeat
D. Khuli for Tswak Stik'em
E. Jay Ru for Big Boi Anthem
F. Xod for I Want You Back

A. Da L.E.S. feat. Bongz & Maggz for We On Fire
B. Kalibrados for Bambribam
C. P Square for No One Like You
D. Buffalo Souljah/Taygrin/Gal level for My Type Of Girl
E. Mwana Fa/Ay Mamba for Naongea Na Wewe
F. D'Banj feat. Mo Hit Stars for Pere

A. Master Jam feat. RJ. Benjamin for Change The World
B. Goldfish for This Is How It Feels
C. Winnie Khumalo for Live My Life
D. Tzozo & Professor for Vuma
E. Lady May for Ndota
F. Black Coffee feat. Bucie for Turn Me On

A. Kalaharians for Work The Middle
B. Buffalo Souljah for Judgement
C. Bantu for Where Di Water
D. Wahu for Sweet Luv
E. Paulino Q for Shake It On Me
F. Risasi/Collo for Wat U Wote

A. Kelly Hansome for Maga Don Pay
B. Winnie Khumalo for Live My Life
C. Steel for Omoge
D. Theo for Ndihambela Phezulu
E. Durella for Enu O Se
F. Gal Level for Touch Me

A. Gazza feat. Bleksem for Passop
B. Brown Dash for Back 2 Kasi
C. Howza for Styla Samahala
D. Damara Dik Ding for Bakuten
E. The Dogg for Hands Up
F. Mzekezeke for Nigi Hamba Phansi

A. Lira for Wa Mpaleha
B. Gxploits for Tear Rubber
C. Amani for Tonight
D. Darey for Not The Girl
E. Brian Temda for Dominoes
F. 2 Face Idibia/Sound Sultan for Enter The Place

A. Okyeame Kwame for Woso
B. Hip Hop Pantsula for All I need
C. Zeus for Gikima
D. Jay Ru for Big Boi Anthem
E. Pro for Uthini Ngo Pro
F. Black Rhino for Black Chata

A. Teargas for Take You Out
B. Taygrin feat. Wendy Harawa for Moto
C. Lira for Wa Mpaleha
D. Lizha Jame for Estilo Xakhale
E. Rhythmic Elements for 2 By 2
F. Negro Blue for Um Beijo

A. Ikechukwu for Shoobeedoo
B. J. Martin feat. Ti Maya & P Sqaure for Good Or Bad
C. Okyeame Kwame for Woso
D. Nneka for Heartbeat
E. 9ice feat. 2 Face for Street Credibility
F. Kwaku T & D-Black for Move

A. Amani for Tonight
B. Mwana Fa/Ay Mamba for Naongea Na Wewe
C. Xod for I Want You
D. Wahu for Sweet Luv
E. Black Rhino for Black Chata
F. Cannibal for I Wish

A. Taygrin feat. Wendy Harawa for Moto
B. Da L.E.S. feat Bongz & Maggz for We're On Fire
C. Okyeame Kwame for Woso
D. Naeto C for Ki Ni Big Deal
E. Rhythmic Elements for 2 By 2
F. Amani for Tonight

The Album Djinee

leave all this crazy talk about empty swagger, Djinee has got his R&B street cred if there is is anything like that. The former soundcity veejay overkilled it on his latest delivery: 'The Album Djinee'.
I have bumped all the tracks on the album for some time now and belive me i am a satisfied customer.

The beauty of this Album does not just lie in the maestro ability of djinee but the production genius of M.I and his younger brother Jesse Jagz and between them they produced 8 tracks on the Djinee Album. What amazes me the most is the fact that its a rare feat to have professional rappers play keyboards/pianos, save for pips like Kanye West...

Then there is the touch of the Production King himself: Cobhams Asuquo who produced 4 of the tracks on the Album. Do i need to give you anymore reason to buy the album?
If you were to define a good album or musical production, how would you do that? As for me i would just define that in one word: DJINEE.

my personal favourite is the Overkillin it remix ft. Iceprince, Jesse Jagz and M.I the track was wicked and had some ill Rhymes.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Light Up Nigeria! -More than a Twitter revolution

A few Nigerians have decided to speak up on the pathetic power situation in the country for the past two days tweeters on twitter have been burning up there keypads with the tag '#lightupnigeria'. This initiative has the support of the likes of eldee, Banky W, Kel, M.I amongst other Nigerian arists. In their words: 'enough is enough'

Sunday, July 12, 2009

VEDA Technology, Proudly Nigerian, Global Spirit.

sometimes the difference between a global brand and a local brand is the spirit behind the brand. world class brands like Google, Apple Inc, and Microsoft became what they are today by developing an out of the box culture within their organisation.

A good brand identity goes beyond fancy packaging and expensive commercials. The concept of Branding involves a collection of the various characters and constituents of a product, person, or organisation, and for
a product, person, or organisation to become a world class brand all constituent elements must be in sync as seen in a matrix such that when one element of a matrix is disturbed, it affects the entire system.

putting all the intellectual ramble above into perspective, one evidence of all the factors outlined above is VEDA Technology. A Nigeran based computer manufacturer, that has introduced a unique computer harware solution to the Nigerian and African Market.

VEDA technology possesses what its competitors lack: youth, Quality relationships, and innovation. With computer designs by the same firms that design for other world class computer manaufacturers, it is set to bring a breath of fresh air to computing in the African continent.

Currently VEDA technology has to its credit, 4 product designs which include:

1.VEDA Fly[Intel Mobile Core, 16OGB SATA HDD, 2GB RAM, DVD-RSuper Multi, 1.3m Camera, wifi b/g, 4 Cell Smart Li battery]

2.VEDA EXL[Intel Core 2 Duo, 250GB SATA HDD, 2GB DIMM, DVD Super multi + S/W, 1.3MEGA PIXEL Camera, Bluetooth V2.0, 6 Cell Smart Lithium battery, wi-fi big, 4in1 Card Reader]

3.VEDA Touch[Intel Core 2 Duo, 250 GB SATA
HDD, 2GB DIMM, DVD Super multi+S/W, 1.3MEGA PIXEL Camera, Bluetooth, Switchable 110-240V power supply]

4.VEDA pulse[Intel E2200 2.2 Ghz Cpu,160 GB SATA HDD,1GB DRAM MODULE,
DVD ROM ODD,10/100/1000 Ethernet, 7.1 Sound Card, 9inl Card reader w/adaptor, 19” WXGA LCD Panel Monitor]

For VEDA Technology, its loyalty to its users goes beyond delivering quality computing power to its users, it also involves giving the end user satisfaction and more computing power. The QUEST application designed by VEDA Technology which it also bundles with a
ll its computers free of charge to the end user is a free resource and multimedia application designed for business, entertainment, information and communication by its users. VEDA computer users also get the rare privilege of access to content from award winning artists, authors and movie producers and directors. Furthermore Users also get easy access to instant messaging and social networking applications amongst other functions.

I have one challenge for you:
'If you can show me any other indigenous computer manufacturer that can match the VEDA offering,we would buy you a Maserati Gran Turismo and throw in a VEDA EXL.' now how about that?


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MJ related random thoughts

for some reason i get the urge to pen what about? hmm lets see:

Ok watching MJ's memorial last night i loved all the special performances.
usher sang so good he made the jackson family console him..aint that ironic?

Usher planted a peck on Mrs. Jackson. I didn't notice any closeups on Joeseph Jackson.
Uncle Stevie was totally FAB on the grand piano everytime i see him I remember our won Cobhams Asuquo, God is trully awesome.

MJ was a big fan of that little dude Shaneen Jafargholi who also sang at MJ's memorial: well he aint so little no more, If someone like MJ were a fan of mine how would i feel?

Liz Taylor, Diana Ross, and uncle Quincy Jones refused to attend the memorial, in the words of Elizabeth Taylor: ' i have refused to share my grief with the world'. by the way MJ's WILL cedes parental guidance of his children in case of Mrs. Jackson's absense to Diana Ross.

I saw Janet but didnt see Jermaine Dupri anywhere around.

Nelson Mandela (Mandiba) sent in his condolences himself and MJ became very good friends over the years.

AEG did an awesome job on the memorial sure they would have successfully executed the 50 concerts for MJ. I still think the concerts should go on.

If you got an MJ concert ticket, hold on to it tight it will soon be worth much on ebay in some

Now is a good time for MJ's album to be released..if you think the Beatles and uncle Elvis sold albums, MJ's fresh album is about to rewrite world album sales records.

Jermaine Jackson wore MJ's gloves while singing, true?

Where was Nick Canon when Mariah was singing @ the memorial?

I wonder why NEYO was not allowed to sing at the memorial, we all know he wrote songs for MJ plus after Usher, genuwine he's the next MJ influened protege in line.

R. Kelly left Naija early enough, why wasn't he lined up to perform @ the memorial.

The CNN backstory on the MJ memorial was tight.

Just some thoughts from my twisted mind...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

what have you done about your dreams today?

good morning, good afternoon, good have you lived your life?
between Talib & Mosdef this statement rings loud.

Indeed life is as simple as that...alot of us are in different seasons of our lives like timezones, for some its evening for others its morning.

Isn't it rather unfortunate how much of our dreams and aspirations are left to die on cute writing pads with spiral rings which we pull out and refine from time to time and end up doing nothing
I think it was John maxwell that said we as humans have the ability to think ourselves out of ideas...never heard any 'truer' statement, this is cos we refuse to start small.

yeah they say ideas rule the world very true, but its not just having 'em ideas count but running with those ideas and giving them life that matters most.

If we as humans wait for perfect conditions before moving in on our dreams we would never accomplish anything cos there will never be a perfect condition.

Finally I would lik to appreciate you for being a part of this group, our dreams would never ever be a reality without the privilege of access which you have give us. Thank You!

please feel free to invite your friends who share in our ideology...

move one positive step in the fultilment of your dreams today!

~gossim daniels

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Starting a Management Company


  1. Management companies come in a variety of forms. The first step in starting a management company is to define the industry or type of services on which the company will focus. The real estate industry utilizes residential and commercial property management companies and appraisal managers. The entertainment industry is rife with outside management firms that deal with every aspect of the field, from event management to artist management. Financial management firms offer debt management, investment management and account management. Business employs strategic management companies and outside project managers on a regular basis. All management companies share the goal of relieving the client of certain aspects of their business so they can concentrate on their core competencies.
  2. Business Plan

  3. Once the focus of the management company is found, the next step is to write a business plan. The narrower the focus of the company, the easier it will be to write a business plan because much of the direction is self-evident. Start with a goal, whether it's to sign three bands to the company or land one large IT client in the first 3 months. Be specific. Include short- and long-term goals. Consider the resources required to achieve those goals. Staff, office equipment, travel, association fees and entertainment expenses should be included in the initial needs assessment. Include timelines and expected revenues. Finally, write down specific activities and measures to be taken that will bring in the business to make the company successful.
  4. Action

  5. Because management companies rely primarily on talent and time, there is very little start-up funding required to start a business. Office space is not required until the company is large enough to hire full-time administrative staff and bring on additional consultants and salespeople. Many management consultants work successfully from home offices. Ideally, a new management firm is started in response to a particular need that already has been identified. Starting a management company with a couple of solid clients can bring in the income needed to keep the business going while ongoing marketing efforts work to bring in more business.
  6. Success

  7. Many management companies develop long-term relationships with clients who can bring in referrals for more business. When clients hire the firm for specific projects, follow up on a regular basis to keep the company name in front of the client for future needs and to request referrals. Hire staff as needed to maintain accounts. Network in the industry that the company serves. Join trade groups and attend trade shows to support existing clients and to build a broader base of contacts. Beware of relying too heavily on one large account. Network among other management firms through organizations, such as the American Management Companies Institute, to share ideas and to take advantage of educational opportunities to improve the business.

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