Friday, February 24, 2012

The Journey- very shitty *

The sour taste in my mouth as I write my first post of the year is definitely not as a result of the cherry fruit (agbalumo) I didn’t suck on. It is with all certainty the bouts of bad or almost terrible movies I have subjected myself to within the last 2 weeks. ‘Common don’t take life too seriously its just a freaking movie’- I hear you say- hell NO! it is more than a freaking movie to me…

It is about the only semblance of a social life I have these days. Its never about the money but the principle…lol (#wash). Someone please explain to me why I should be forcefully subjected to 94-120 mins of paid  torture at the cinema when I could easily sit in my house hit download and endure a terrible movie at my own convenience. I really love movies, I am also a collector of good ones. But as it turns out it may seem like 2012 is setting itself up to be a shitty year in movies. Case in point: ‘The Journey 2’.

Starring Dwayne Johnson, and a bunch of terrible actors, the movie is about the story of a young boy who goes on an adventure with his step dad to find his long lost grandfather who went  missing while in search of a mysterious island years ago after receiving a weak satellite transmission from him. Everything about this movie sucked, from the crappy sound effects (probably the cinema’s fault in all fairness), to the lame CGI effects, the costumes (precisely the weird pants worn by Vanessa Hudgens), the shallow details (like jelly fish that refused to sting or the peaceful great white sharks) and stupid dialogue. This movie has to be the shittiest movie I have seen in a long while. Some movies are not worth watching at the cinemas and the journey 2 directed by Brad Peyton should have been a straight to DVD release.
I will give this movie a miserable 1-G stamp. I must mention also that ‘the Descendants’ though generally a good movie isn’t also worth watching at the cinemas seemed to me more like a film for the family living room.

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