Monday, December 23, 2013

..bEfoRE yOu set tHose goALs fOr 2014

Over and over again i have voiced my preference for setting goals over making new year resolutions. I won't concern myself about explaining away the difference. The objective of this piece is to nudge you towards political and social awareness especially since we are entering into another election year. I am still very much an optimist and a patriot but blind optimism and patriotism is way behind me.

We all generally have the tendency to make yearly resolutions at this time with the mental assumption that all will continue to be well in our environment, except you are doing that in faith it may be a dangerous way of living. As a matter of fact most of us hardly ever have backup plans for when things ever go south. It might be already apparent to some that as we inch closer and closer to the general elections funds are generally being taken out of the system and stored up by the political class and in this new era of subtle political threats as portrayed by our sudden love for letter writing in Nigeria especially as seen in the last month, it is my believe that you would be doing yourself and your family for those it applies to, a great deal of injustice if you don't plan for that. So based on the subtle premise above i would like to suggest a few points for you to have in place while you set those goals for 2014:

1. If you carry the ECOWAS passport as your only form of travel ID. ensure you still have ample time before expiration and get valid VISAs to one or two foreign countries of your choice.
2. Have a Stash of funds saved up preferably in hard currency for such a time as may be needed for an emergency exit should the need arise.
3. Stay informed and Keep your plans to
4. Hope and Pray for this Country especially for Only God's counsel to stand concerning the affairs of this country irrespective of what political class may say or do.
5. Stay in constant touch with your family and loved ones.
6. Be smart enough to know that nobody owes you anything irrespective of your relationships with them. In context these politicians will put their pockets and their families before you and yours in exactly that order. Be your own government and be wise enough to look out for your own.

All that said be smart about your activities and decisions this new year. let Gen 1:28 guide you as the benchmark at which God appointed you to operate, if any business endeavors, relationships, or commitments will make you fall short of God's original desire for you to subdue and dominate the earth from your aspects of endeavor then rethink and retrace. Plan well  and have a wonderful 2014.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

tOp 10 gUiNeSs wORLd RecoRd 2013 roUNd uP

i found this video round up of top 10 Guiness World Records  for 2013. You should watch this:

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

NoSa- wHy yOu LoVE me So *NEW VIDEO*

NOSA releases his much anticipated video for his 2nd official single 'why you love me so'. We did have the privilege of interviewing NOSA a couple of weeks ago on HolyHolla (Rhythm93.7). Enjoy!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

LaRa gEorGe on hOLyHoLLa

I had an amazing time on holyholla earlier today with the beautiful Lara George. It's amazing how people can transmit hope without saying much. This woman is unarguably blessed and it was such an honor to have her on our show. Listen to the Podcast of the show below:

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

SABC Livestream of MANDELA memorial Service

Monday, December 9, 2013

foOtpRintS oF hOpE

Imagine rocking these slippers that just lets you leave these words of encouragement with every step you take.

Friday, December 6, 2013

46664 a diFFeReNt kiNd oF LeGeNd!


Alas Mandiba has left us. For a time in my life I wondered how the world would respond to the death of both Michael Jackson & Mandela. Now we know! 

Never in the history of the world has there ever been a man highly respected practically respected by people across the world even his enemies. 
The only true legend to live long enough to enjoy tributes made to him: from having to spend the SA Rand with his face on it to witnessing various Holywood  tributes. No man comes close to his selflessness. RIP Mandiba.
- @gozzim

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

tHE eXpeRieNcE...

As much as I love the experience of production rooms and concert, I am slightly agoraphobic. The only time I get free of this sickening fear of crowds is if I am responsible for that gathering and I am making a shit load of money from bring that crowd together.

I visited the setup site for the 2013 Experience concert. It's probably as Close as I would be to experiencing the concert. With all that has been spent putting this together this year's edition should be a huge success.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

niGeRiaN fAvOurS...

The sad part about doing people favors is that you are liable to face the same insults people who get paid to do exactly the same thing would face if ever anything goes wrong. The thing about doing any business transaction in Nigeria is people's words are never good enough.

Over the years i have learned to stop hating on ruthless business men. even though i have never really been a fan of being an entrepreneurial bull i totally see the reason why some people choose to be totally merciless. Everytime some one approaches me for favours i take off even before they complete the famous 'Please could you do me a favor speech' especially since i do not desire to have a sour relationship with them at that point in time. A great part of being an up and comer has to do with delayed gratification, ass-kissing and ... but the truth is just like with everything in life there is a time and season, and the concept of delayed gratification has its own short window in any life. 

What am i saying in essence? 'Sell you self for free, NEVER for cheap!!!' People generally dont give a flipping blip about you and no one owes you anything not even your parents save for bringing you into this world and putting you through school. So if you ever feel the need to do stuff for free in exchange for the joy of having that sense of entitlement that some one owes you think again!

Don't sell yOuRseLf sHoRt!!


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