Monday, April 26, 2010

>>Blood and Oil- The Niger Delta Movie

Writing about the Niger Delta crisis is something i have avoided for a long time but after seeing this movie:
Blood and Oil written by Guy Hibbert and directed by David Artwood. I have gained some considerable insight into the Niger Delat Complexity.

Like it or not i believe this movie somehow is a fair assessment of the situation maybe not in total alliance with the fictional plot of the movie but in the message. From the local dialects and pidgin english used to the locations and cast (not toattly) the Blood and Oil movie produced for the BBC is a must watch.

Mark Unwin is one of four employees of Krielsen International oil company captured by militant group MEND
whilst they are working in Nigeria his wife Claire flies out with Alice Onuko, Nigerian-born,British-raised P.R. consultant for Krielsen. When the women arrive in Port Harcourt they are told a ransom has been agreed - as is the norm since MEND depends on ransoms to fund itself.

However when civil rights worker Keme, acting as go-between, escorts the women to the handover place they find only the corpses of Mark and his co-workers. Next day Claire meets a journalist who tells her the men were killed by the Nigerian government after their release by MEND and he is himself later found dead.

She also learns that he was having an affair with Angel, a prostitute,whom she confronts but who is whisked
away in a car before she can say anything. Alice is equally shocked to find that her father has made his money less than scrupulously from oil.
Keme is jailed but Alice levers Tunde,the police chief, into releasing him despite Tunde's efforts to silence her.
Keme takes Alice and Claire deep into the jungle to meet MEND leader Ebi who swears that Mark's murderers were Nigerian officers under Tunde and his men,who staged the massacre to blame MEND.

I could go on and on but this movie is better appreciated when watched.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Enough has been said about Dagrin the car crash and finally his death. I believe its very natural for people to say lots of positive things about the dead. But in all the comments i have read or heard about Dagrin's death there is one very common factor, the fact that Dagrin was a very likable person. If you had a very bad day that left you frowning all the way, a chance meeting with Dagrin would at least calm ur nerves simply cos he was always smiling plus his goat styled laughter was easily recognizable by all.

In such a short period his explosion was felt by all what if his career then lasted over 50yrs what would he have done?

In my opinion, I think for someone who survived that long after such an accident, Dagrin shouldn't have been kept at LUTH. For God's sake whatever happened to the Reddingtons and St. Nicholas's in this country. I think for some reason the medics may have been sloppy in some way. I do not wish to be insensitive to the pain felt by every one right now, but i just wonder, if Kanye could survive Jaw reconstruction after a more ghastly accident, and 50 did also wande coal did, would it have been too much to give Dagrin some better medical attention?

I realise nothing we can ever say or do can bring him back, but one thing is certain we won't have another Dagrin. I sincerely desire Eternal rest for Olaitan (Dagrin). Find below a freestyle by Dagrin over the pon pon pon beat. This is a clear picture of his kind of person off stage.

Monday, April 19, 2010

>>Road Trip

All Aboard! nah....this aint the old steam train conductor. Seeing that i am still crazy in love with my team Barcelona couldnt resist this post. That most major airports in Europe are closed is no longer news.
The catalans got on a road trip Sunday to make their champions league game on tuesday against InterMillan. Here are some pix of the team on this road trip.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Obama got a Grammy!

How much really does one have to have to be the most powerful man in the world. Obama recieved an income of $5.5mill and paid bout $1.8mill in taxes. But in contrast to what all them celebrities like beyonce, JayZ, 50cents etc.earn Obama's income is but a shadow of theirs & ordinarily Obama wouldn't even be a match.

But of course being commander in chief has its Obama, a former law school instructor and U.S. senator, became a millionaire a few years ago through sales of his 1995 memoir "Dreams From My Father" and his 2006 political book, "The Audacity of Hope." He earned about $4 million in royalties in 2007, the year he launched his presidential campaign.

Sales included his audio versions of the books, for which Obama won two Grammy awards in the spoken-word category. Power as it seems is in the american context is beyond bank balances as is the case in Nigeria. Its more about the people's believe in an individual.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

#10 (Ten) Steps After Kelly Hansome Disses U.-by M.I

Couldn't help laughing when I read these Tweets by M.I. (Mr. Incredible) which he titled:

Please endeavour to savour the humour

#1: (ten steps after kelly hansome disses u): Remember.. You are still beautiful.. And God and ur parents love you still..

#2 (Ten steps after kelly hansome disses you): Listen to song over and over till you know all lyrics and can appreciate artistry in song

#3 (ten steps after kelly hansome disses you): attend recovery group of artists recuperating after their own disses, eg..mohits, terry g etc

#4 (10steps after kelly hansome disses u): wear fake mustache for a month, disguise self, song is prolly so hot and everyone will know it!!

#5: (ten steps after kelly hansome disses you): write open apology to kelly hansome, post on sayng sorry 4 being succesful

#6 (ten steps after kelly hansome disses you) promise world 2 grow taller; seek out height doctor, or taller shoes e.g goth shoes 4rm camden

#7 (ten steps after kelly hansome disses you): collect all future awards saying.. I don't deserve kelly handsome here(he is not!)

#8 (ten steps after kelly hansome disses you) rewrite fast money fast cars.. Calling it.. Fast money fast cars; the fab life of kelly hnsme!

#9 (ten steps after kelly hansome disses you): refer to show promoters as 'Maga' making phrase maga don pay.. Relevant and correct to self!

#10 (ten things to do after kelly hansome disses you): wonder why 'kelly rowland' is dissing you and why she sounds like a nigerian man

credit goeas to Ohimai for making this available.

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