Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the reactive mafia called the Presidency

This has to be my first critical post directed at the GEJ administration. I realize that blogging about my thoughts would make very little or no difference to the status quo.

In my opinion foresight or vision is one of the major requirements of leadership, its no longer news that majority of Nigerians voted for the current administration 'cos they wanted a departure from the recycling of the political mafia that existed, and at that point GEJ seemed to be a safe alternative.

"But you see the problem with forcing a person into power especially when it is apparent that the individual is not ready equates to walking on a broken ankle before it is fully healed".

The government of President Goodluck Jonathan has been a largely reactive one. The caliber of advisers he has also chosen to surround himself with makes me ashamed of being literate. Well as the saying goes any organization is a reflection of its leader, more often than not quality leadership has very little to do with the quality of education a leader has, its either you've got it or you aint got it. Almost every major issue since the re-election of the present administration has been reacted to from the terrorism, to gay rights, to the rape toll free helplines, to fuel subsidy removal, the economy, it is quite apparent that POLITICS is a major priority above every thing else.

These people in my opinion all have too much power, time and money on their hands that pressing social issues have never been a priority. Having foresight has alot to do with seeing potential challenges and having a backup plan to fix them.
But then again what do i know, all we ever do in this country is talk, talk and talk. from the government officials and their elaborate but empty speeches, to the youths and their blackberries, to the very loud but weak youth advocacy groups to the noisy bloggers online, all we do is talk.
For as long as everybody's business remains nobody's business, my patriotism will keep hanging by a thread.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Love is not enough...

Remember that popular definition of Love that says: " Love is a feeling you feel you never felt before" ok now FORGET THAT! Yeah! you read that right. As far as the concept of marriage and relationships go, Love is never enough. It may sound like I'm about to put out a collage of psychotic ramblings but the plain truth is: genuine Love as we should know it cannot exist without a clear recognition of weaknesses in our partners- which as far as I'm concerned is the starting point of Love. 

Love alone is never enough to guarantee a happy marriage or relationship, for the sake of being crucified before i rest my 'keys', When i say Love i do not in any way refer to the God kind of Love (Agape) which is a whole new level of perfection which also only God can give, I refer to the form we share as humans & which has evolved into a diverse mix of dilution. In its purest form Love can only inspire a healthy level of patience and tolerance & affection that becomes happiness over a period and subsequently bliss. As far as i can tell any one who writes about Love being the only requirement for bliss is a scam artist.

I rarely write about subjects like this but from my experience in relationships it all starts with certain attributes, or characteristics which can be experienced at face value, and then moves on to who we are essentially, it is by understanding what our strengths and weaknesses are we can then embark on that journey called Love which by the way is not a destination. There is no such thing as Love at first sight. The former concept is at best a heightened sense of attraction which could evolve into the real form of Love. I can only love you if I can live with and be happy with helping you over come your weaknesses. Its not just about the good looks, the fabulous boobs and ass its a lot more of the internal mixed with a little of the external.

Patience, Wisdom, Strengths, Weaknesses, Tolerance, Affection and loads of other factors are compulsory ingredients of relationship Bliss, but above all God's Grace. It is that grace that makes a man do dishes with his spouse, that makes a woman nag less, that makes a woman turn her spouse away with wisdom while he stays faithful despite.. so when i say Love is not enough, this is what i mean.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Osinachi: The Nigerian Born Production Genius (Joe, ciara, pitbull, wale prod. credits)

so last night while trying to fall asleep i decided to listen to the new Joe album 'The good, The Bad, and The Sexy'-great album by the way, and while i was at it i made a very interesting discovery..

Meet Osinachi Nwaneri, the Nigerian born super producer one of the many Nigerians in the diapora doing big things. With production credits for the likes of ciara,wale, joe, pitbull,pussycat dolls, Dawkins&Dawkins among others, this versatile production genius seems all in a class by himself.

Osinachi produced two tracks on the new Joe album ('Losing' & 'slow Kisses') and has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he is definately a force to reckon with. As further proof of his genius, he currently works with one of the world's best when it comes to music production: Darkchild. Word on the wire is Osinachi was signed back in the day within 24 hours after Rodney Jenkins CEO of Darkchild listened to his samples. So I realise technically being born in the US he may not count as one of ours as the industry bias goes but hey that Ibo name still screams Green white Green. 

cheers to green greatness!

~GD- @gozzim

Thursday, October 13, 2011

License to Rob

I haven't made a blog entry since my last meeting with the Russian Billionaire friend. Unfortunately i would have to narrate the concluding part of my previous post in the near future, this minute i am saddled with the burden of how impossible it seems to reduce the 'legal thieves' that pose a huge danger to us which is the Nigerian Police. Like they say Karma's a bitch, its such a hard thing to find successful policemen that have accomplished extraordinary feats in life. The billions of curses heaped on them collectively in their day to day robbery of helpless citizens is probably the cause. 

I don't believe in stereotyping, but i do make exceptions to this principle every once in a while for example, its no news that a majority of Nigerians are quite STUBBORN, and as a result its hard to fix certain things like corruption, and indiscipline. In my honest opinion the easiest language a majority of us understand  is FEAR. when all logical and intellectual options have been fully explored and we are still faced with the demoralizing sight of uniformed men killing, and oppressing the masses they are supposed to protect, it becomes wise to adopt a more viable solution which is fear.

I would never subscribe to violence or terrorism in any form or shape but what do you do when faced with the choice of killing or be killed? Fear and cowardice is an integral part of the Nigerian Police training if we use this it just might yield the much desired solution to this problem of legalized bribery and extortion.

If i were a 'lunatic' i would issue a public statement, with an ultimatum to the NP to desist from the indirect encouragement of corruption after which i would initiate a maiming/killing campaign of every police officer caught in the act. But I'm not..

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lessons from my Russian Billionaire Friend - I

Last night i met a Russian billionaire, and don't even ask me apparently after spending about 25mins with him i also became a billionaire.- don't believe me? then read on.. As i have learned true wealth is measured in time and not in currency as riches. that said when you picture the so called 'billionaires' in our beautiful country and take to heart that earlier definition we then come to the conclusion that there is a huge scarcity of wealthy men within our shores.

'In reality the amount of time a man can can consistently maintain his current standard of living if he stops earning, is a clear indication of how wealthy he is. The term wealth is therefore relative.'

According to my Russian billionaire friend, "being wealthy is indeed a state of the mind, it all starts in the mind. it is the very reason a wealthy man can afford to get into his Jaguar XJ or gulf stream jet in the morning without actual cash in his pocket, cause within him there is a subtle confidence that he can never get stranded. After taking years of calculated risks you soon get into the realization that the fastest way to make financial progress is to be untethered to material things. luxuries are mostly a means to an end, they provide comfort and were made for man's use and not the other way round."

these were words from my new friend shortly after we met, after he was introduced to me by a young Nigerian CEO, we kind of got into a discussion about Kasparov- on time world chess grand master, and then to Russian politics and finally I asked him why it is that Russia has too many young billionaires, this is what brought about the lesson i will be sharing in these series. For the next two days of his stay in Lagos, we had interactions that blew my mind. I will go into more details in my next post but be prepared to live dangerously.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I finally found a way around mobile blogging guess i stopped being a cave man. :-)
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

wisdom according to drake!

pay attention to his  wristwatches. he definately buys what he will use... :0)

Get Paid to shoot your Videos & Quit Robbing Yourself!

as far as i'm concerned the most paid entertainer/celebrity in this country aint worth sh*& in comparison to their counterparts in the developed world. It might be worthy of note that the expensive cars, houses and bling flaunted in videos and movies don't neccesary come from album sales. So if you as an artiste intend to be able to afford a bentley from money paid to you by alaba or the likes of notjust ok then you must be high on some cheap battery water.Have you ever wondered why a very tall Travie McCoy would ride in a mini cooper in the Billionaire video featuring Bruno Mars? Ching! Ching!!

Clearly while the likes of Jayz and Kanye get paid by Daimler to destroy a Maybach in a music video, our indigenous artists have to 'pay' to drive a Mustang or use bottles in their own videos. That my friends is the difference between our psyches.

"with CD sales plunging as downloading (both legal and illegal) soars, more music artists and record labels should use their videos to make money rather than to simply promote an album" 

as TV producers blur the lines between the commercial breaks and entertainment content and as more of our entertainment content is exported to the world via MTV, Channel O and the likes it makes even more sense now to cash in on the windfall of 'advertainment'. So the next time you have to shoot a music video as an artist or a Movie as a director and you ever consider using anything from a V.S.O.P bottle, to a blackberry smartphone do it with the consciousness that you are ripping yourself off and YOU OUGHT TO BE GETTING PAID FOR IT! especially if you have attained a certain level of success as an artist.

* we can help you get paid MORE  for doing what you love.
twitter: @gozzim

Monday, August 29, 2011

cold fire!

i recall a few years ago while back at school, i made a trip every month to attend a very popular inspiration session in V.I hosted by a foremost motivational speaker. a friend of mine and I would come all the way and head back to school all 'fired up' 'cos we had supposedly heard and rubbed shoulders with the wealthiest & most influential motivators within and outside Nigeria.

In my honest opinion if i had to do it all over again i would probably have been satisfied with just one of those sessions, subsequently i would go on to read volumes of inspirational books all 'cos i thought i would hit it big along the line.

"what good is getting all fired up, if you cannot transfer that fire or passion to a meaningful project?"

If you are in the habit of networking you would agree with me that sometimes its not worth meeting people especially if they won't remember you the next time you meet. The best way to keep you networking memorable is to be known for a form of unique project/feat. It doesn't matter how many seminars you attend, or how many books you have read or will read, to attain a certain level of relevance you must apply your self positively to whatever passions you nurse.There will never be a perfect time to do anything meaningful. 


Saturday, August 27, 2011

expensive experiments

we all nurse dreams and aspirations but what good is a dream when it stays in your head. every dream that has ever been fulfilled took some level of perspiration on the path of the dreamer. waiting for the perfect situations is usually the biggest hindrance to  making dreams a reality. any wise man will tell you to be open minded and dream big but also be humble enough to start small. In reality not all dreams are meant for every season, someone once gave me a very smart advice when i tried to go into a certain kind of business to:

"weigh my options as far as my dreams and business plans were and be sure to choose if i was going to start a viable business venture or an expensive experiment". 

in summary be open minded enough to dream big without bothering about financial or social constraints, and be humble enough to start small in accordance with your social reality without second guessing yourself. Its the only way any meaningful progress is made.
Have a fab week ahead!


Friday, August 26, 2011

the Nigerian brand of terror!

a few years ago i recall telling a friend that it will be quite a while before Nigerians ever attempt to blow themselves up, apparently i couldn't be more wrong. yet again for the wrong reasons the international media from NYtimes, BBC, AP, down to the the gossip rag Bossip has its spotlight on us. for some weird reason Mutallab triggered the down trend of terror in Nigeria. the incident at the U.N building now means that in addition to our huge and shameful challenge of underdevelopment we now have to deal with terrorism too. unfortunately our brand of terror is even more senseless.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Corporate SCAM called Sponsorship!

sometimes i wish there was a more effective way to enforce sponsorship contracts in Nigeria asides from the courts. Its a huge baffle why corporate entities consciously sign sponsorship contracts  with the intention to default on payment. a popular electronics giant out of Korea is especially making it a habit. the general misconception in our country that sponsoring an event is doing the promoter a huge favor is absolute B.S. If concerts where particularly easy and cheap to put together, every fool with a few bucks would be an event promoter.

All this 30% before event and 70% after business is the new SCAM from corporate entities. My advise to anyone planning an event that requires sponsorship: " get as much of your money as you can from the sponsor before the event, preferably at least 80%". I will leave it here for now.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Rise of the Planet of the Apes- Lessons in Leadership.

Last night, i had the unique privilege of seeing this exceptional movie. I did go out of my way for this only because critics rated the movie  82% on the tomato meter. During experiments to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease, a genetically-enhanced chimpanzee uses its greater intelligence to lead other apes to freedom. What this synopsis doesn't mention is how there exists unique twists that make the overall story line a must watch. Directed by Rupert Wyatt and starring James Franco, this movie indeed details how true leaders come to life. It also further exposes the striking similarities between humans and lower primates. This movie gets 4-G stamps from me. some of the leadership lesson i learnt from this movie are outlined below:
  1. Any one passionate about his grievances could make a good leader
  2. Leadership has very little to do with size or stamina its all in the mind.
  3. 2 key ingredients of effective leadership are charisma & Patience
  4. people don't really care how much you know until they know how much you care.
  5. Loyalty of followers must be earned through genuine concern and the meeting of the needs of potential followers.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Wrestling Fiasco

In my entire life i have never witnessed the colossal waste of money like i did last Friday night. The UPWF wrestling championship was a total waste of money by the organizers especially after  98% of the seats where empty. Once again we learnt how failing to plan automatically implies planning to fail. The event which featured 18 wrestlers from the U.S to include:
shelton Benjamin, Meringue Warrior, Ray Mysterio, Bobby Lashley, among others was scheduled to start by 4pm but did not start until almost 10pm especially after the wrestling ring from the US only arrived at 8pm. word of advise to event organisers NEVER EVER base your planning & funding of your event on TICKET SALES, and if by any chance you do at least sell tickets 2months in advance.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


This Epidermal Electronic System (EES) consists of circuits which could contain electrodes capable of measuring brain, heart and muscle activity in the same way an EEG does now, transmitting this data wirelessly to your doctor.

OTIS- Sliced Maybach to be Auctioned for Charity

yesterday i seriously doubted the ability of JayZ and Kanye West to actually slice up a maybach like they did in the OTIS video off the watch the throne album. I WAS VERY WRONG! as the sliced up maybach used in the video was real and the word on the wire is that the sliced maybach is to be auctioned to raised funds for charity (to ease suffering in EAST AFRICA). By the way that car costs about $400,000. FINANCIAL ARROGANCE!! I guess i just did what they wanted- talk about their opulence. but its for a good course.

Monday, May 9, 2011

THOR (3D)- my review

THOR 3D directed by  Kenneth Branagh is indeed an extra ordinary blend of a good storyline, action scenes and breathtaking sound & special 3D effects. 
The movie which features Chris Hemsworth ( as thor), Natalie Portman (as Jane Foster), Anthony Hopkins (Odin the god) and Idris Elba (Heimdall the gate keeper) is indeed a good movie, Although through out the movie i couldn't help but notice the Hammer which  bears a striking resemblance to SANGO's staff a Yoruba god who coincidently is also the god of Thunder according to Yoruba mythology. 

THOR is a marvel comic adaptation which is based on the universal god of thunder depicted in the marvel comic series and it tells the tale of the banishment of THOR by his father who is a wise & peace loving king. It also tells an unclear and an unfinished love story between THOR and Jane. The movie which opened over the weekend has so far earned $66million at the box office.

This movie is worth the time and the little inconvenience of the 3D glasses and gets 4-G stamps from me.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

FELA! my experience from behind the scenes II

as promised in my previous post the following are the more shots from behind the scenes:

back stage

lighting setup & testing

cast & crew cocktail welcome reception

As i mentioned in my last post also I am already working on the next big project, and every day that passes my passion brings me closer and closer to an opportunity for adrenaline rush.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

FELA! my experience from behind the scenes I

The last few weeks have been pretty amazing for me. as a PR consultant i have worked on various accounts but none has been as exciting as working behind the scenes of FELA! This is obviously my first post in the last couple of months and its all cause i had to immerse my self in the spirit of the multi awarding winning broadway musical FELA!.

Bringing a broadway musical to Lagos especially when the theatre culture in Lagos is for shit seemed counter intuitive at the time. But what we had going for us was the identity of the Legend Fela anikulapo kuti on whom the broadway musical was based. So after all the pr/media campaign the stage, sound, lighting and projection equipment started to arrive from New York and south africa. The entire cast and crew from the Broadway show numbering over 72 people also arrived. Over my next posts i will upload pictures from behind the scenes. From this point i will let my pictures do the talking:

In my next post i will bring you back stage access. It gets better just before we concluded FELA! i got wind of the fact that i might work on another exciting project. The magnitude of this will blow your mind.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yeezy wants mohits

i woke up to the tweet above. at first i thought it was some kinda prank, but apparently its a real as yeezy's verified status. fresh from the whole snoop dog mohits euphoria, it seem to me that the world has not had enough of our Ngerian style of music. I am anxious to see what they come up with.

Monday, February 28, 2011


The hit Broadway musical about the life and music of Nigerian performer and political activist Fela Anikulapo-Kuti is scheduled to be performed in his home town of Lagos, Nigeria making it the first Broadway show to be performed in Sub-Saharan Africa.

FELA!, the landmark Broadway musical, which won three Tony Awards (Broadway’s highest honor) including Best Choreography (Bill T. Jones), is coming to Lagos from April 20th to 25th.  It will be performed at the prestigious Eko Hotel’s New Expo Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. This critically lauded musical will star its original Broadway cast with Sahr Ngaujah reprising his Tony-nominated role of Fela Kuti with music provided by the internationally renowned Antibalas as well as other members of the New York City Afro-beat community. 

Concurrently with the Broadway production, FELA! opened and triumphed at London’s Royal National Theater for a three-month sold-out run.  That production was nominated for three Olivier Awards, London theatre’s highest honor, including Best Musical, Best Actor (Sahr Ngaujah) and Best Choreography (Bill T. Jones). This Nigerian engagement will be the first since the closing of the Broadway and London productions and the NTLive performance which was broadcast to in 370 cinemas worldwide.

The aim of FELA! in Lagos is to unite and connect Africans in spirit and unity, to serve as a catalyst for cultural revival in Nigeria, and to celebrate Fela Kuti, for the contribution he has made to Nigeria and the world. FELA! depicts the true story of the legendary Nigerian musician Fela Kuti, whose soulful Afro beat rhythms ignited the spirit of empowerment and cultural awareness in a generation.  It is a tale of courage, passion and love featuring Kuti’s captivating music and the visionary direction and choreography of Tony Award winner, Bill T. Jones. FELA! in Lagos is being produced by a Nigerian production company, Broken Shackles in conjunction with Lagos State Government.

Upon its Broadway opening Ben Brantley of The New York Times wrote, “There should be dancing in the streets.  The hot (and seriously cool) energy that comes from the musical gospel preached by the title character of Fela! feels as if it could stretch easily to the borders of Manhattan and then across a river or two.  There has never been anything on Broadway like this production."  The New York Post’s Elisabeth Vincentelli cheered, “There’s enough energy to short circuit Con Ed.”  David Cote of Time Out New York, in giving it 5 stars (out of 5) raved, “Fela! is more than a musical; it’s an ecstatic phenomenon."  And Jennifer Farrar from the Associated Press exclaimed, “An exuberant celebration!”

The English critics were equally effusive after the London premiere of FELA! One critic, Baz Bamigboye of The Daily Mail, summed up the critical sentiment with his review saying FELA! is a “groundbreaking show that shook Broadway and London’s Royal National Theatre to the rafters. Getting Brits to get on their feet and ‘get loose’ as Bill T. Jones puts it, was a rare feat.  FELA! pulled it off by sheer exuberance and theatrical showmanship. At the same time, FELA! explored the soul of an artist and the darkness of a government that tried to block what Fela’s beam exposed.”   

In addition to rave reviews from critics, FELA! has also won numerous awards and received standing ovations from such personalities as Mick Jagger, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Spike Lee, Ben Okri, Janet Jackson, Denzel Washington, Professor Wole Soyinka, Robert De Niro, and Hugh Jackman.  First lady Michelle Obama, former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and President Obama’s Head of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano are but three of the dignitaries who have embraced this show.    

Bill T. Jones, director and choreographer of FELA!, was recently honored with the prestigious Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts award along with Sir Paul McCartney and Oprah Winfrey. The Kennedy Center Honors are awarded annually for exemplary lifetime achievement in the performing arts. FELA! also won two Astaire Awards for its cast and choreography.

FELA! on Broadway was conceived by Bill T. Jones, Jim Lewis and Stephen Hendel. Its producers include the entertainment legends Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter and Will & Jada Pinkett Smith. 

A spokeswoman for Broken Shackles suggests that “with a series of media partners and sponsorships, FELA! in Lagos will be the most talked about show in Nigeria for years to come. We have created sponsorship, branding and advertising opportunities for those who wish to be a part of this historic theatrical event.

For sponsorship, advertising opportunities, please email

For more information on FELA! please visit

For all press and public relations matters please email

 For more information on ticketing and group sales please email

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oleku: was the video worth the wait?

You may recall that a few weeks ago this video was leaked online and later taken down on the request of chocolate city. As at the time of this post i must have seen this music video about 4 times to form an objective opinion. 
The video which was directed by mex of Pixel Chaos makes me wonder if this director would ever settle for more live shots. In my honest opinion i think the music video was more about graphic effects and transitions than story telling. Granted Oleku is simply a feel good song but this video kind of dampens the hype of this hit track. 
This video in my final opinion does not do the song enough justice at least not as much as the safe video did Safe by M.I justice. but then again its just my opinion...

Monday, February 14, 2011

53rd Grammy Awards: what went down

It was a colorful affair at the 53rd annual grammy awards last night. In anticipation of the awards i personally had to sleep through the day just to stay awake for this one. First stop was E! tv where the coverage of the red carpet was unparalled form the expensive ice, to the fabulous designs, and wierd hair dos it seemed like there would be no end to all the glamour.

The enigmatic lady gaga obviously dominated the red carpet with out even walking on it as she was carried in encased in a a semi transparent egg. The event was pretty exciting as it featured performances from Usher, Justin Beiber, Ceelo Green, Bruno Mars, B.o.B, Mick Jagger, Gwyneth Paltrow amonst others.

The highest point of the event for me was performances from Usher, Justin Beiber and Jaden Smith together and the performances by Bruno, B.O.B and Monae. I also loved Ceelo Greens performance save for his costume. In all it was an awesome experience. See below for a list of winners.

1.       Album of the year – Arcade Fire, The Suburbs

2.       Record of the year – Lady Antebellum, Need You Now

3.       Song of the year – Need You Now (Lady Antebellum, performers)

4.       Best new artist – Esperanza Spalding

5.       Best female pop vocal performance – Lady Gaga, Bad Romance

6.       Best male pop vocal performance – Bruno Mars, Just the Way You Are

7.       Best pop vocal album – Lady Gaga, The Fame Monster

8.       Best traditional pop vocal album – Michael Buble, Crazy Love

9.       Best electronic/dance album – La Roux, La Roux

10.   Best solo rock vocal performance – Paul McCartney, Helter Skelter

11.   Best hard rock performance – Them Crooked Vultures, New Fang

12.   Best metal performance – Iron Maiden, El Dorado

13.   Best rock song – Angry World (Neil Young)

14.   Best rock album – Muse, The Resistance

15.   Best alternative music album – The Black Keys, Brothers

16.   Best female R&B vocal performance – Fantasia, Bittersweet

17.   Best male R&B vocal performance – Usher, There Goes My Baby

18.   Best urban/alternative performance – Cee Lo Green, F*** You

19.   Best R&B song – Shine (John Legend and the Roots)

20.   Best contemporary R&B album – Usher, Raymond v. Raymond

21.   Best rap solo performance – Eminem, Not Afraid

22.   Best rap song – Empire State of Mind (Jay–Z and Alicia Keys, performers)

23.   Best rap album– Eminem, Recovery

24.   Best female country vocal performance – Miranda Lambert, The House That Built Me

25.   Best male country vocal performance – Keith Urban, Til Summer Comes Around

26.   Best country song – Need You Now (Lady Antebellum, performers)

27.   Best country album– Lady Antebellum, Need You Now

28.   Best contemporary jazz album – The Stanley Clarke Band, The Stanley Clarke Band

29.   Best Americana album – Mavis Staples, You Are Not Alone

30.   Best contemporary blues album – Buddy Guy, Living Proof

31.   Best contemporary folk album – Ray LaMontagne and the Prairie Dogs, God Willin' & the Creek Don't Rise

32.   Best classical album: Verdi: Requiem (Ildar Abdrazakov, Olga Borodina, Barbara Frittoli & Mario Zeffiri; Chicago Symphony Orchestra; Chicago Symphony Chorus)

33.   Best Female R&B Vocal Performance- Fantasia, Back To Me

34.   Best R&B Performance By a Duo or Group With Vocals- Sade, "Soldier of Love"

35.   Best R&B Album- John Legend & the Roots, Wake Up!

36.   Best Gospel Performance- Bebe and Cece Winans

37.   Best Gospel Song- “Its what i do” Kirk Whalum and Lalah Hathaway

38.   Best Dance Recording- “Only girl in the world” Rihanna

39.   Best Traditional Gospel Album- Patti Griffin

40.   Best Contemporary R&B Gospel album- Bebe and Cece Winans

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Final destination2

This has to rank as my favorite horor(*well i think semi horor) movie of all time. I always had the impression that if you wanted a good story line in a movie, horors movies where the last place to turn. I dare say that the director of this movie has got a very twisted mind and a keen attention to details.

From the visually disturbing scenes, to the creative patterns by which each of the major casts where haunted by death,it is apparent that this is an amazing movie to watch.

The movie directed by David R. Ellis, stars Ali Larter and A.J Cook who both play individuals who cheated death by having premonitions through which they were able to save lives except that the survivors begin to die in mysterious ways after the said premonitions, which prompts them to stick together for survival

The downside to this movie for me was: after such an intense script I would have expected a more dramatic end. In conclusion this movie gets 7 G-stamps from me out of 10.

Friday, February 4, 2011

HCODE tops lists of artistes to watch out for in 2011(*with free download links)

Friday, 4th February, 2011

Indeed this prolific artiste and super producer is in a class of his own when it comes to making quality music. At just 24 years of age he has produced spectacular African artistes which include Vector, Tuface, saucekid, funbi, zara, taio amongst others, HCODE has also been involved in hybrid sampling productions of projects by American producer ‘the dream’-fancy which has received rave reviews.

As far as I can tell ‘blackberry Pins’ are supposed to be personal right? Apparently not for some celebrities,  imagine what happens when an artiste decides to compose a song with his real Blackberry pin. We have heard lots of songs about blackberries, but this particular track: 210DBFF1 by this prolific artiste HCODE trumps them all as this track is bound to grow on you quickly. Asides from the fact that its his real pin, the 210DBFF1 song is a feel good, woman pleasing track that is already heating up mobile devices and online blogs. Exactly five hours after release via BB broadcast and online HCODE has received over 748 blackberry messenger add requests, if you are still in doubt I’ll advice you judge for yourself: .

As further proof of his diversity as an artist, HCODE also teamed up with soul singer TAIO (the real Nigerian born) to produce the track REMEMBER. This track is indeed a classic R&B song that reviews the past and present of most celebrities. We would recall that some months ago HCODE released his first official single IWO NI a hybrid afro-techno track which featured VECTOR. Finally in an attempt to reach to his U.K fans HCODE released the single ‘ONE CLUB TO ANOTHER’ a feel good club banger which is a fusion of core hip hop and garage style of rap.
There is no doubt that HCODE is bound to catch the eye of award committees across Africa, the U.K and the US this year. 

 alternative download links:



IWO NI - HCODE ft Vector

for Bookings & Media enquiries contact:
gossim daniels (swagcraft® media)
+234 706 2929 222
twitter: @gozzim @iamhcode

Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011: my first post

my long hiatus has been more about brain storming and hibernation to a certain extent. I must confess that alot has happened to me and around me in the last 33 days of 2011. For starters my life changing decision to wrestle my creative descretion from self imposed captivity is worthy of mention.

The beginning of every year is generally believed to be dull, but it sure has not stopped governments from being (ala tunisia) toppled, or on going street protests in Egypt, Yemen,  and Jordan. It has also not stopped great award shows like the Golden Globes, Oscars & grammys soon to happen and The Furture Awards back home.

This year for me is definately a life changing one. The absence of my boring weekly routine is yet to be missed by me plus i got the rare oppurtunity to see The Tourist, despicable me, The Town amongst others.

At this point before i come off as a 'blabber' i would like to welcome you all to the fabulous 2011, and RIP to the people that have lost their lives in the Tunisian and Egyptian protests.


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