Wednesday, February 25, 2009

::choc boys::

just like i promised, while we all get around to gettin the latest edition of soundcity blast here's an appetizer for y'all. Sampled from Jayz's -Roc boys. Jesse was wicked on this track

soundcity choc boyz ft ice prince and jesse jags - M.I

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Finally pips Illegal Music is out if you have no idea what i'm talking about, you have probably been under a rock. Well the Most Incredible MI Abaga drops mad rhymes on 'stolen beats' Now I must mention here as a matter of importance that:

"no kobo was made from these tracks"

so please be careful o...lmao. Anyways i'm sure u's itching to get ur hands on those tracks, its simple buy a copy of the latest edition of Soundcity Blast and get a free copy of the Illegal Music CD inside or check back in a few. for a change good Music is FREE... keep blazin.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

::alaba market VS itunes store::

just wondering..., wondering why ours is such a peculiar business enviroment...yeah
ok i'm just chilling @ home tryna upload fresh tracks from 'Isolate' on my ipod and then for some reason my itunes goes to the music store. And strangely the thought hits me to look up some naija tracks and guess what, Naeto C's(u knw my P), Sasha's(first lady), Jimmy Jat's(the definition), 9ice's(gongo aso)
albums cost $9.99 or $0.99 per track on itunes.

@ an exchange rate of =N=120-$1 puts the cost of the albums @ =N=1,198.8 per album or =N=118.8 per track on itunes.

My point is this: my itunes analysis when equated to alaba official prices (since they rule the media marketing industry in Ngeria) is a sharp contrast, to what is obtainable on itunes.
In Alaba albums from the aforementioned artists costs almost exactly the price of one track on
This i feel is actually amazing and this left me wondering, for the fortunate ones like 2face, dbanj, 9ice,
psquare(so far the ones on the international radar) and others say they 'sell'(exclusive of complementary copies) @ least 1million copies each and do @ least say 30 shows @ =N=650,000 each

it would mean that on each album (i.e excluding corporate endorsements) they would make bout =N=169,000,0000 and say after settling assistants, managers and marketers they keep bout 40% they net bout 67.8mill...

Well i knw its not always as easy as i may have sounded but if ur some local champ and a very short sighted one at that this figures would seem pretty fabulous but when you place this figure besides a 'small' sean kingston, or a pdiddy or an usher then believe me this is chicken feed.

people get paid a million dollars just for one performance so whats the deals pips. Like i said even though ours is a peculiar enviroment for business i believe some day it won't be just bout estelle presenting an award to 2face @ WMA08 or bout 9ice gettin a MOBO but also bout better pay for the mic hustlers and their backers.

I'd like to end by saying that if you really appreciate an artiste so much you should be able to pay what you feel the album is worth.

How much would you pay for M.I's(talk about it) album? wanna knw what i'll me.

I'll appreciate your comments on this ish...

stay green

Friday, February 13, 2009

smart-ass & credit crunch!

One of the biggest lesson i learnt from Rob Kiyosaki is that there is no such thing as a bad time to invest. From the Maddock ponzi scandal, to the global credit crunch, job cuts and economic recession, it seems that there is no end to the announcement of doom allover.

In reality when things like this start happening and the world hits the panic button the smart asses realise that smfin very significant is happening:
"money is changing hands"
so in reality real estate that used to go for bout $6000 would now sell for say btw $1200-$2000, Stocks come crashing down and the wise ones knw its time to move in while the chicken hearted bail.
Now i do not expect you to misconstrue my statements above for insensitivity to the plight of those who have been badly hit by all the drama.

In summary its not all bad in my opinion all it takes is a little time the the brave who moved in by faith would see the benefits plus the real reason its called credit crunch is cos pips still get to eat alot out of the situation.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


ok guys i need your opinion, I'd really like to know what y'all think about these two tracks, I have known these guys for some time and for some reason they grew b*@lls to break musical norms. Even a one liner would go a long way in helping the rhythm 5 brand. click on any of the links to listen.


*by the way credit to Snipe for a fabulous job.

green love
gossim daniels

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Precisely 3 years ago a sweet heart of mine (zimba thanx a million) sent me an invite to join facebook, back then i didnt see any reason to, cos i was like: "another one bites the social networking dust". Call me foolish, back then i was so disgusted @ these social networking sites (i bet sean kingston felt good about myspace cos it made that i considered it a total waste of time.
and then for some reason Mark removed the campus limitation from facebook which enabled pips all over the world to join. Well that single decision to go totally global is one of the best decisions ever made by the aforementioned if you dont agree, i bet Mark's bank account can testify to that fact.

And so I joined, and before long i made some cool dough, cos i met some of my biggest clients on facebook back then. It isn't all about money, In my opinion: " facebook is the second best IT innovation after the Internet" you can quote me anywhere. Truth is, it has opened a whole new perspective to relationships & networking, even more information dissemination became seamless with even more control to information owners. Ok i bet by now you are thinking i probably got paid for the facebook PR i'm doing...WRONG!.

You can never fault a good brand, and facebook is one, why else would microsoft pay $240mill for just This month facebook turned 5 and its been an awesome experience using facebook, i have found long lost childhood sweethearts, cousins, friends..etc. Nigerians have easily embraced facebook, musical tracks have been realeased about Last i heard Mark Zuckerberg, facebook founder still leaves in his old apartment with his matress on the floor, and still dresses in Tshirts and Jeans.
Well somehow my addiction is worth it, what's your facebook story?
Please feel free to drop your comments.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

::Nigerians in Hollywood::Raz Adoti | season2

Sometime in May 2008, I started a series of posts on this blog called 'Nigerians in Hollywood', for some reason there was a long pause after sophie Okenedo's review. We also reviewed Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje , popularly known as 'Eko' from the lost series. Season two opens with a review of another huge talent Raz Adoti.

Born in England to Nigerian parents, Razaaq Adoti (a.k.a. Raz) is the second eldest of five children. After graduating high school, Raz's first intention was to work behind the scenes as a cameraman, but he fell in love with the stage instead. At the age of 17, after his first year in college, Adoti landed his first job in theater.

Before graduating, Adoti was cast as Nathan Detroit in the National Youth and Music Theatre Company's (NYMT) production of Guys and Dolls. The tour took Adoti to Japan, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and numerous other places across Europe. Additionally in 1991, he secured a part in NYMT's production of the opera Aesop, which won a Fringe First Award

In 1992 he was accepted to train at the prestigious Central School of Speech and Drama (former students of the academy include Sir Laurence Olivier, Dame Judi Dench and Vanessa Redgrave). At CSSD, Adoti earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in acting. Upon graduation, he was signed by one of London's most reputable talent agencies and his professional career was truly under way.

Within a year of leaving drama school Adoti's dream of performing on stage came true. In 1997, he was cast in a major supporting role in Steven Spielberg's new epic, Amistad. He was humbled to be a part of the distinguished cast assembled to chronicle a very important chapter in American history. The ensemble included: Sir Anthony Hopkins, Morgan Freeman and Matthew McConaughey. After completing Amistad, he returned to London with newfound determination. He worked on various television and film projects.

In 2001, Hollywood came calling again and this time, Adoti was given the chance to work with another Oscar®-winning director, Ridley Scott. Adoti played the main antagonist in Scott's Black Hawk Down, Yousuf Dahir Mo'alim. Since then he has gone on to co-star in director Paul
Anderson's Resident Evil: Apocalypse, opposite Milla Jovovich.

Adoti's past television credits include Sky One's award-winning television drama Dream Team, BBC's BAFTA award-winning miniseries Holding On, ITV's award-winning television drama, Soldier Soldier and Channel 4's controversial miniseries Men Only. Raz last vistited Nigeria in 2008 and comes home regularly. He says he feels a strong connection to his roots.

Next week we would also be taking a trip to the world of Chiwetel Ejiofor. Another Nigerian born, screen genius. I bet they all make us proud some how.

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