Thursday, May 2, 2013

mY nOt bEing pRo-gay is iGNoRanT???

at moments like this i care very little for being politically correct!  what is it about the world and forcing general beliefs down people's throats in the name of being politically correct? Decades ago it was sacrilegious to even bring up the issue of  homosexuality let alone gay rights. The very fact that gay rights is now front and centre is evidence of how far we have come as humans. This is the 2nd time ever i am putting forward my opinion on this issue... The tweet from Kobe Bryant below is behind my agitation: My understanding & belief in the order God established at creation is not a Display of ignorance.

As much the world says Gay rights must be taken seriously, i am of the opinion that despite my tolerance of-  and a conscious choice to co-exist with the gay movement i should reserve the right to my opinion on the distastefulness of homosexual behavior, just as long as i don't encroach on anyone's right to freedom. I am a christian and in very clear terms my christian doctrine is anti-gay. The same doctrine also preaches tolerance towards all. So if i have a made a conscious effort on my own to live peaceably with the gay movement don't take advantage of my meekness and Lord BS over me. If it were so right, why would people have to hide for years ; or why does a decision to 'come out' have to feel both physically and professionally suicidal to those who 'come out'? Think about it! while the world finds more politically correct ways to pervert the world at the end of the day the ultimate race towards eternal life is an individual one.


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