Thursday, March 4, 2010

>>lars lagerback

ok! so thats the guy... Lars Lagerback. The New Nigerian Coach, they say he was employed for his humility & Professionalism. Time will tell. as far as i know he was co-coach of the swedish national team that 'refused' to qualify for the same world cup Amodu qualified for without lossing a match.

Honestly i have no problems with his engagement, but @ =N=39million a month this dude better produce results. I understand he was also on the team that wooped Nigeria at the world cup, and he detailed the strategy used to woop the eagles back then to the NFF team that interviewed him. Obviously he has lots of experience on our weaknesses.

One thing is for sure, he will bring DISCIPLNE, and SOUND JUDGEMENT. Players will also be selected on merit.

>>Lebron James

what is it about this guy that makes top celebrities all over want to please him. This 25 year old cleveland cavaliers basketballer rumored to be worth about 29million dollars as at November 2009 is indeed the future of basketball.

Ordinarily i wouldnt have bothered bout posting this save for the fact that when i woke up this morning i couldnt help but notice the new Mary J. Blige -STRONGER official music video. which was dominated by clips of James' career. This is just after the recent Forever video by drake which had similar clips.

There must be something about this guy, he has been in lots of movies, TV series and music videos. the guy is like a magnet of some sort. I gues it all comes with being a successful NBA superstar.

here is the drake video:

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