Thursday, February 27, 2014

tHe sOcial Nut joB PIERS MORGAN iS jObLess

Apparently being overly opinionated can be detrimental to one's professional career in the media. It is no longer news that the social nut job that is Piers Morgan would be losing his show Piers Morgan Live on CNN. I refuse to subscribe to the Newyork Times Story that says Piers and CNN agreed to end the show. I believe that every man should be judged based on the same measure with which he judges, and haven experienced first hand via social media the embodiment of arrogance that is Piers Morgan its only fair to call it as it is: PIERS HAS BEEN FIRED! You lose the choice to agree with a network when you having poor ratings.

The decision to cancel the show means that he has failed at filling the shoes with respect to longevity of his predecessor (Larry King, who had rating problems of his own towards the end) only after 3yrs. Poor ratings has been largely responsible for this decision in addition to his polarizing opinions on gun control and for some like myself gay rights.

I have no qualms with any man's choice to be pro gay, i am certainly no homophobe neither am i pro gay, i have never hidden my real views about this subject. I still believe that just as you believe you have a right to be gay, i also have a right not to be gay meaning we both have a right to air our opinions about it without being viewed as politically incorrect.
Pier's greatest undoing as far as i am concerned is his continuos attempt at making people like myself and many other people out there seem demonic just because we refuse to encourage sodomy.
I will not for the sake of sounding politically correct, compromise my Faith and cultural believes.
No single entity, not even Barack Obama has a right to impose and arm twist any individual or government into accepting believes that go against theirs. 
-- @gozzim

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

oNos oN hOLyHoLLa- 23rd fEB. 2014

last sunday we had the unique privilege of hosting the very beautiful and talented Onos Ariyo, Worship leader at House on the Rock,  Artiste, Mother wife and certified French Translator. I personally had a blast on that interview cos i got to learn some very wierd warri slangs. This lady is indeed a blessing to the world. and she can sing! Enjoy the interview.

OZicHi oN hoLyHoLLa- tune in 2nd March, 2014

This Sunday on our show Holyholla, I would have the unique privilege of interviewing one of the most underrated vocalist in Nigeria. From the sweet sensation jingle to the Fidelity bank jingles, there is simply no doubt most Nigerian have heard her voice. In addition to being a spectacular vocalist she is the daughter of the 1st Nigerian to graduate from a post graduate Harvard program. her story will touch and inspire you. Tune in to rhythm 93.7fm on Sunday morning from 8am. 

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