Tuesday, December 14, 2010

THE EXAM- undoubtedly my best movie of the year ****

"...its not about what he said you know?..its about what he didn't say..." 
***this would rank as my favorite line in this movie.

In the last 12months i have seen lots of spectacular movies, but none compares to this awesome movie i had the rare privilege to see last nite- THE EXAM.

This movie combines share genius and simplicity. In concept only the movie PHONE BOOTH comes even close.

The entire 1hr 34mins of this movie is set in one location - a room. 8 individuals after haven scaled preliminary tests are assembled in a room and given 80mins to write a final test. After several instructions from the invigilator the test commences only for the applicants to flip their sheets and discover blank pages. They must think out of the box to provide the required answer.

The movie stars Luke Mably, Colin Salmon, Jim Mistry among other fresh faces. The movie was written, directed and produced by Stuart Hazeldine.

Lame as it may sound, but this is the kind of movie you finish watching and feel so good about within and get all sorta positive ideas out of.

Its the 14th of December, and this is undoubtedly my movie of the year.

5 G-stars to this movie.

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