Thursday, January 14, 2016

#diARyofaGoOgleDad- #5 (Government!)

Happy New Year!
It has been ages since my last Google dad post, the Emperor has since turned One year and seven months (19months).
First let me start with the sub heading of this post 'Government'.. It might interest you to know that is the first word that came to mind this morning at about 3am when I woke up, not because of the ridiculous stories we have had to deal with recently like Dasukigate, missing budgets and yam and goat memes on Nigerian social media but because it dawned on me that my son is the commander in chief of the household.

As I write this, it is just gone past 4am and sleep is history because a certain Emperor decided there will be no sleep for we the masses. Gov't because this morning I asked myself why we didn't just name Nigel Government instead considering we are obviously his citizens constantly at his mercy:) and we surely would not be the first if we did.
 I have Learned to insulate myself emotionally from his tantrums my wife on the other hand ermmmm lets just skip that part..Between diARyofaGoOgleDad- #4 and this one a lot has happened. First the Emperor has had 4 experiences with air flight cabin pressure initially freaking out at the discomfort of popping eardrums. Secondly he has become more audible with words like 'I love you', 'How are you' (which by the way is what he calls his mum and I respectively for weird reasons I cannot understand), also words like 'Jeje O' and my least favorite 'I dunnor O ( I don't know. Which by the way he learned from his last nanny)'. Ah yes! I have also lost count with the number of rhymes he can sing on key by the way.. Let's just say he is one very smart young man. Keep in mind that for personal reasons we refused to put him in a commercial crèche. We figured it would be better to expose him  to our own brand of guidance first, but between his daily routine and Sunday school lets just say we may have created a nursery school singing rockstar. :)

Finally in the aftermath of the recent batches of vaccinations a while back he caught a stomach bug, perhaps as a result of the continuos teething. Initially we thought it would pass, but 6days no improvement : constant stooling, sore bums resulting from consistent wiping down and vomiting.. Within a few days the emperor had dropped to 10kg. He was admitted shortly after that to avoid total dehydration even though we had done our best to keep him hydrated despite the loss of appetite. I would later read online (Google dad get it?) that this stomach bug sometimes could linger for up to 20 days.. After some slight drama at the hospital we left headed straight to our Indian pediatrician who prescribed proper drugs and ointments for the sore bum.. 
My biggest lesson from the last few months have been this:

1. Be very observant as a new parent, don't ignore any signs and research (Google) unusual symptoms and developments you never know you just might save your child's life

2. Never discredit the fact that God's protection makes all the difference because no matter how hard you try, you cannot see every minute of your child's life so just do your best and trust God to protect your child.

3. It is really hard to control the influence of a good nanny on a child.

Thank you for reading along and please leave your comments below.


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