Tuesday, May 3, 2016

thE 5yR diFFeReNce

If this story does not inspire you, nothing will. In 2011, David Ebuka Onyemata (pictured centre) was a resident of Okota Lagos. fresh out of high school and looking to get into Uni.

As you read this, He is officially an NFL draft pick of The Saints being the first in the history of University of Manitoba Bisons football team to make it to the NFL.

Before 5yrs ago, Onyemata had only heard about American Football as we call it in these parts from classmates, he knew practically nothing about the game and had probably never seen a 'Football' . He grew up playing soccer in Lagos so much that it is a miracle how fast he has evolved into the NFL.

We may not understand the game in his home country (Nigeria) but there are several lessons to take away from the little we know about him so far: 
1. Be open to new experiences, they might just put you on the map.
2. Persistence pays off (for 2yrs after resuming at the University of Manitoba, he spent time on the sidelines training, observing, learning the rules of the game)
3. Only people who are humble enough to admit they don't know are in a position to learn.

No giant is too big to slay.



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