Monday, November 16, 2015

wHeRe hAve i bEEn?

Lately I have been pre-occupied with expanding the reach of my other brands like HolyHolla and Swagcraft Media, and i have hardly had the chance put up posts on my personal space. I have also received 'DoGD' requests from my friends and some people i didn't even know read my posts on here, well i guess you never know who is reading or listening. 
In the past few months we have successfully designed and implemented a very dynamic platform on our christian entertainment and lifestyle platform holyholla. Holyholla which started out as a Sunday morning 4-hour life radio show and has since evolved to include the website portal - feel free to check it out.

Finally I hope to write more on my series 'Diary of a Google dad(DoGD)' my journey as a new parent without 'elderly guidance' (a cultural thing in Nigeria where Parents are involved in helping their children become better parents) on parenting but Google as an unending source of wisdom has come in quite handy. With respect to the tragedy of terror around the world in recent times and in Nigeria, I pray that God comforts the friends, Families of all who have lost their lives to these senseless extremist ideologies.

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